Bare Truth by Rose de la Cruz
Bare Truth

Our furry friends need our love at their last moments

May 22, 2024, 7:58 AM
Rose De La Cruz

Rose De La Cruz


Losing a furry friend– cat or dog– is such a deep emotional burden for us, but believe me during their last moments on earth they need to feel our love and compassion for them.

I have felt how painful it was when my smiling-faced aspin (asong Pinoy) named Camia died last year by euthanasia. We had no choice as she was suffering from kidney failure and had lost a lot of blood and fluids.

I can’t describe how painful it was for her to leave me but I can say that our separation was truly devastating for me. When the painkiller was given her and then later the (permanent) sleep dose it only took minutes for us to say goodbye. I wailed loudly and long. My son left me with her although he too was crying quietly. I embraced her and told her how much I loved her and that we will see each other some time, who knows when. Then we took her remains for cremation. Now we are reunited in my room, though she is just ashes and bones in a beautiful box.

I narrated this because I saw a story online about a vet pleading with pet owners not to leave their dying pets alone as they struggle between life and death. It is at this moment, the vet said, that they need our presence (love and compassion) the most.

The vet noted how difficult it is to see a beloved pet die– in fact it is this feeling of difficulty that makes owners leave their pets when the euthania is being done. They cannot bear seeing their pets fall into a perpetual sleep.

But the vet said, “it is also a final act of love and loyalty, Your presence can provide the comfort, love and affection that your pet needs. Imagine being in an unfamiliar place, surrounded by strangers in your final moment– it’s a terrifying thought.”

Veterinarians encourage pet owners to “face this pain for the sake of their pets. Being with them, holding them, and whispering words of comfort can help them pass away peacefully. It’s a small yet significant gesture to show them the love they’ve given you throughout their lives.

The bond between humans and their pets is a special one. If you’ve recently lost a pet, consider adopting another animal in need of a loving home. You’ll be saving a life and gaining a loyal friend.

In conclusion, our pets’ last wish is simple—they want us by their side. As difficult as it may be, staying with your pet during their final moments is a profound act of love and compassion. They’ve given you their best years, and in their last moments, they deserve to feel your presence and love. After the grief, the vet advises us to “adopt, save a life, and give another pet the gift of a loving home. Your future furry friend will be forever grateful to you for saving another life.”

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