Tumbas Manipis
Tumbas Manipis

Monologue during the pandemic

Aug 18, 2021, 12:33 AM
John A. Bello

John A. Bello


AS IF DRAWN by the gods, you surf in the internet for whatever takes your fancy, the usual ho-hum negative news stories,

the usual dread and feeling of uncertainties all around with the continuing surge of the spreading pestilence even with the vaccines being rolled out now in several hundred places but oh, so very slowly being administered, like they are deliberately, disgustingly being slow administering it to whoever must be vaccinated that since it has started last, what, March? here in your own neck of the woods, the Cocolandia, what else, it has not even reached 50,000 vaccinated individuals you are told as of last count, and if the goal is to attain a 70-75% vaccination of the total population to reach the goal of herd immunity, the total population being 1.3 million you suppose, then, most likely it would take until after the May 2022 elections before it happens, this herd immunity.

Or if it ever happens coz the new and more contagious Covid-19 Delta variant has made an apparent beachhead in our country and it is now causing havoc in countries like India that it has allegedly originated, the United States and some countries in Europe and since we are now a globalized community, several hundred cases of the new mutant ninja Covid Delta turtle are now roaming freely in the Philippines scaring the hell out the hackles of the people in Malacanang palace.

Look, they have even reimposed now the strictest of lockdowns in Metro Manila and some in Calabarzon region, and to your relief, your Cocolandia luckily escaped the draconian imposition coz there have been rampant talk that it would be included, good thing that your governor, whatever he is in the present scheme of things, allegedly expressed his opposition to the goddam imposition of the hard lockdown and the former moderate measure like GCQ remains although qualified now with ‘heightened restrictions’ but the province’s cabecera has become MECQ or a more stricter quarantine level than the past month.

So now it is already the 7th of August as I am crafting this column, the 2nd day of the new imposed lockdown measure for Calabarzon including Cocolandia and its cabecera up to the 15th day, you are told, and there is seemingly no other way for you but to soldier on and battle the invisible deadly enemy and grapple with other pesky intangibles of life, and hope to survive intact for another day. For you reckon, you only live your life now on day to day and whatever comes your way is a helluva great blessing already for such a plain dude as you are, come hell or high water. And so it goes. And so be it.

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