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McDonalds China lets you burn calories as you dine

Dec 23, 2021, 6:23 AM
Nicole Pulido

Nicole Pulido


Mcdonalds China introduces ‘Green Charging Bikes’

Don’t we all feel guilty after gulping down a hearty meal from McDonald’s and thinking how to burn all those calories after?

Well McDonald’s now has the solution for that guilty feeling after eating their meals.

McDonald’s exercise bikes are a real thing, and TikTok users and probably netizens all over the world can barely believe their eyes.

It all started with a mega-viral video shared by a user named @cris13yu. In their clip, the TikToker shows a McDonald’s customer riding a stationary bike while eating a burger in China.

The video of a woman enjoying her burger and soft drink in the midst of pedaling has garnered 32 million views, with users scrambling to offer their hot take on the new equipment.

After going viral, it is now researched that the bikes are part of a new test feature at two of the chain’s locations in China.

The devices are called “Green Charging Bikes.” The cycles, which can electronically charge customers’ phones as they eat, are made of recycled plastics — part of a larger upcycling program throughout China.

The stationary bikes are attached to the walls and are extended to accommodate one person.

A chest level table comes with the machinery, with pedals to keep your feet in place. The back of the bike includes a cropped and compressed brand logo infused into its black and white body to fit the restaurant’s contemporary design.

As of writing, the viral video has been viewed 35 million times, was often met with comments ridiculing the idea of an exercise bike in a McDonald’s, with many people pointing out that this person would have to pedal at high speeds for an extended period in order to burn off the calories in a McDonald’s burger or large soda.

Do you wish to have these after-meal burning calories bikes here in the Philippines?

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