Waray na gud Calbayog?

Waray na gud Calbayog?

May 11, 2023, 6:46 AM
OpinYon Editorial

OpinYon Editorial


For years, the seemingly incessant spilling of blood earned for Calbayog City, the reputation and moniker of Killbayog.

Despite its natural beauty and accommodating people, the city’s culture of killing happened not just on election season nor was it limited to political figures and their die-hard supporters.

This month alone, three individuals, including a 14-years-old were ambushed followed by another civilian who was participating in an illegal cockfight, who was chased down and fired at on close proximity

All four deaths merely added to the list of lives taken by unknown killers roaming around Calbayog.

According to the records of the Philippine National Police, there are now a total of over 300 unresolved killings in the city since 2010 and has continuously posed a challenge to the different leadership in the PNP and the local government itself.

With the alleged change of leadership in the PNP Regional Office 8 with the promotion of then PRO 8 Regional Director Brig. Gen. Rommel Francisco Marbil to a higher post, maybe there is still hope to put an end to these killings.

In a previous statement, Marbil said that despite their efforts, said incidents still continue but he assured the families of the victims that they are doing their best to give justice to the victims.

However, to what extent is the PNP willing to go to ensure that justice is indeed served considering the growing number of killings? And what with the alleged involvement of several PNP personnel?

Until when will the public start hearing the names of the assailants rather than the usual “masked killers” or “unidentified gunmen” claiming lives in Samar.

While it is true that killings happen all over the country, what makes Calbayog stand out is the frequency of the incidents and the same method of killing in addition to reports of “unknown motives of the incident.”

As frustrating as it is for Calbayognons and residents in nearby provinces, it will be a challenge to Brig Gen Vincent S. Calanoga who allegedly will replace Marbil as PNP Regional Director. An old problem for a new leadership where time can only tell if he can end it or if he is just another passing leader.

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