Undisciplined Politicians
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Undisciplined Politicians

May 31, 2021, 2:55 AM
OpinYon Editorial

OpinYon Editorial


LATELY, their unrestrained wrangling has resulted in the “illegal detention” of journalists from Tacloban City. The 8 media practitioners held for 45 minutes at a checkpoint manned by personnel of Palompon LGU. The media personalities are crying foul over the heavy-handedness of Mayor Georgina Arevalo on the issue as it apparently goes overboard the proportionate and allowable enforcement of its powers.

The checkpoint of LGU Palompon has no right to search, much more hold passing private and public vehicles. What is allowed by law to a lawful checkpoint is mainly to check in plain view the vehicles. They are not supposed to hold and delay traversing motorists for no reason. It’s reprehensible that their squabbling is seriously affecting the unsuspecting public, and they seem not to even care about it.

Just over a month ago, their power-tripping blocked the traffic along a national road. The trucks (loaded chicks or eggs) of Vice Mayor Onate and his SUV were effectively blocked by no less than the SUV of Mayor Georgina Arevalo. Neither of the parties was willing to clear the road of their vehicles. Not even the municipal police authorities who responded to the incident could clear the road. The motorists passing the route had to wait for more than 7 hours before it finally got cleared of their unceremonious arrogance.

Whatever valid contest the two incumbent officials have against each other must not affect the public. Their unrestrained politicking against each other should disqualify both of them from holding public office. The people of Palompon deserve a new brood of politicians. You deserve leaders who could care less about their political interests over the welfare of their constituents.

So for Palomponanons, better let go of the undisciplined politicians the likes of them come next year’s elections! 

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