Traffic advisory assailed

Traffic advisory assailed

Feb 20, 2023, 7:16 AM
Princess Diane Fernandez

Princess Diane Fernandez


The Traffic Operations, Management, Enforcement & Control Office (TOMECO) received a backlash on its February 12 traffic advisory which prohibits 3-wheeled vehicles from passing along Noblejas Junction in Real Street, Tacloban city from tricycle drivers and 3-wheeled vehicle owners.

“Iton nga iyo yana ginpapatuman klaro ito nga discrimination kulang nala kamo sumiring nga it maagi la nga it naka kotse la it maapektuhan iton adin mga pobre kay amo man la it kaya paliton motor, dapat kun napatuman kamo hini nagkaka ada gad kamo anay hin public consultation kay di man la kamo ada it tawo dinhi ha Tacloban,” netizen Manuel Simporios commented.

Tricycle drivers are also complained that the new traffic advisory is affecting adversely their daily income.

“Nagkukuri kami hin duro hit pasada, kadako hit epekto haamon. Hadton kasangkulop ngani han Alas Singko nasakyan ako para Young field pero pasado Alas Sais na ako makagawas, kadako han alkanse ko, kun dati nakaka 300 sobra kami yana maabot nala 150,” a driver told OpinYon 8.

Riders of the motorcycles-for-hire planned to go on strike on February 13 but this did not push through.

“Para ha akon, diri solusyon it pag strike kay kairo man it mga pasahero ngan nag-iinuran pa gud. It kailangan hini kay lingkuran ngan pag-iristoryahan,” an anonymous driver expressed his sympathy towards the commuters.

Implementing the law

Engr. Garry A. Soriano, Officer in Charge of TOMECO said they were just complying with Republic Act 4136 along with the Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) Memorandum 2020-036 prohibiting tricycles, pedicabs, and motorized pedicabs from operating on national highways.

Soriano added that they are bound to abide by the law which prohibited owners of 3-wheel vehicles to travel along the national road in reference to Ordinance No. 2000-01 Chapter II Section 10.

Motorcabs shall also be allowed to operate in any streets in the City of Tacloban, except along Real Street, along Avenida Veteranos, Rizal Avenue l, along Justice Romualdez Street, including all National Highways as provided for under Republic Act 4136.

Soriano reiterated that they will strictly impose traffic rules during rush hours but they will allow 3-wheel vehicles to pass along the road when the rush hours are over.

“We will be strict during rush hours from 7:00-9:00 AM to 4:00-7:00 PM but after that, they are allowed to pass along Real Street,” Soriano told OpinYon 8.

On concerns regarding double parking and increase in private vehicles that had been cited as contributing to traffic congestions, Soriano reported that the office is proposing the implementation of coding for privately- owned vehicles and a pay parking ordinance in order to minimize traffic congestion in the city.

The said proposal is in fact currently being endorsed to the Sangguniang Bayan and once approved, implementation would start soonest.

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