The penchant of the powers-that-be
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The penchant of the powers-that-be

Jul 19, 2021, 3:47 AM
OpinYon Editorial

OpinYon Editorial


Many if not all are excited with the recent announcement of IATF allowing 5 years old and above to go out to open public places. The news should particularly and clearly reach by now down to the municipal and barangay levels. These miniature of LGUs have the penchant of over-implementing IATF restrictions.

Even as of date, and despite the clear status now of the regions’ restriction – currently under MGCQ – many of these localities seemed unbelievably enamored at enforcing relatively stricter measures. They have penchant of overly restricting the movements of people. Except for national roads, sub roads even in towns, including rarely traversed provincial and barangays roads are set up with COVID-19 control points, or in many instances are blocked and barricaded with fences and barriers. As if the town and barangays are in lockdown.

Hopefully, with the unequivocal announcement of Malacañang that the whole region is placed now, at least until the end of this July month, under eased and a more relaxed IATF restrictions, these eye-sore of ligneous and wicker hedges should be removed by now.

It’s surprising why even the least of powers-that-be have these propensity of playing demi-gods, or so this editorial dare call. How shocking would that be among the powers-that-be in the higher echelons doing the same authoritarian ploy. Or is it because “We the people” are but willing subjects, that is, feebly passive and heedless of the powers-that-be ignoramic rule. That is one pathetic weakly Filipinistic behavior “We the people” should overcome and get over in no time.

This is not to mean a quarrel against legit government restrictions. The obtaining minimum health protocols even in relaxed regions should and must be religiously observed. Until the country achieve that level or herd immunity, frequent hand washing, face masks wearing and social distancing remains yet the most effective prevention against unwarranted spread of COVID-19, and the many more of its endlessly mutating variants.

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