Palo QVAC System: Quick & Efficient

Palo QVAC System: Quick & Efficient

May 25, 2021, 1:01 AM
Roy Moraleta

Roy Moraleta


The new QVAC system in Palo, Leyte spares residents from extended waiting and crowding queues at their vaccination center, as waiting times are effectively shortened to less than an hour or 45 minutes at the maximum.

A Leyte town is now trailblazing on COVID response as its IT-based vaccination program QVAC is significantly reducing the stressful queues and long hours of waiting of its constituents to the minimum.

Quick and Efficient

In Palo, Leyte, the constituents are now spared from extended waiting and crowding queues at their vaccination center.

Palo Mayor Ann Petilla in a radio interview said that the waiting time of an individual before getting his shot has now been effectively shortened to less than an hour or 45 minutes at the maximum.

In Palo now, unlike in other towns, particularly in heavily populated localities where extended queues last for hours, “the maximum waiting period of individuals – from the time they arrive at the vaccination center up to the time they finally get a shot – is less an hour, or at an average of 45 minutes.”

A senior citizen who last week received his first dose of AstraZenica vaccine claimed he quickly had his shot few minutes after he arrived at the center. “Nabakunahan ako dayon, waray la pag-iha.”

According to Petilla, because the whole process has been effectively shortened, the same process turned out surprisingly efficient in terms of speed and numbers of people getting the much-needed health service.

Petilla claimed the system is able to inoculate at an average of up to 1k individuals in a day, making it the quickest vaccination program so far as of yet.

Manageable & Safe

With QVAC system in place and its people encouraged to register online in advance, and have their personal details encoded to the system early on, the Palo government unit is spared of becoming unnecessarily negligent on minding its own health protocols, as is often the case of many LGUs, which tend to needlessly allow its people to crowd in a public gym in their haste to carry out and implement vaccination activities.

It was learned that Palo QVAC system affords a highly efficient and accurate data management algorithm, consequently the whole vaccination process becomes easily manageable as its numbers are effectively controlled early on.

“A surge of people at the vaccination center is avoided because vaccination dates and schedules are determined in advance through QVAC online registration.”

Sharing the System

LGUs that will opt to imitate QVAC in their towns will get rid of much manual work and will save a lot of time.

In fact, the system will spare the health department from much manual work and extended encoding of personal details and other relevant data, since the said needed database is already taken care of and secured by the LGUs with Quick Vaccination System.

According to Mayor Petilla, “with the quick vac system, just one click ma aapload na tanan nga information/data didto heton system hit DOH; So efficient, deri na kinahanghlan mag manual pa pag encode an DOH han kada usa ka tawo, imagine the time and work saved, so waray na paper works – all required details of the individual – name, vaccine used, what doc/paper was signed, who gave you the shots, who assisted, temperature, BP, everything is at the database and the LGU palo is keeping and responsible in securing that data, the date is secured and we only have a few authorized people who can access these data because we respect the data privacy act. So we have to protect the data of these people.”

QVAC now in Tanauan

As of date, it appears that the prospect of having the system imitated and applied in other Leyte towns is high, as Mayor Petilla, along with husband – former Energy Secretary Icot Petilla are vigorously advocating the IT-based system to other Leyte towns.

Mayor Pel Tecson of Tanauan, Leyte announced in a post over FB that they too have already copied and emulated the system in their town.

“Online registration for COVID-19 Vaccination is now available,” the post said, claiming it will help fast track registration which was previously done manually.

Also, the mayors and vaccination teams of other towns, namely Burauen and Mahaplag, have already signified interest in the program by going to Palo and observing personally and on hand the whole QVAC process.

Mayor Petilla, in her capacity as Leyte league of mayors president, is hopeful that the system will be copied by all Leyte towns.

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