More schools to end insurgency?

More schools to end insurgency?

May 23, 2023, 8:12 AM
OpinYon Editorial

OpinYon Editorial


In this time and age, it might come as a surprise to many when a large population of a community can neither read or write. Illiteracy rate in farflung areas are considered as one of the reasons why many are easily swayed by rebel groups.

With efforts by the local government unit in Matuguinao, a fifth class town in Samar, to build schools, how long will it take to see the results?

In poverty-stricken communities, whose residents' education is limited, not everyone could pursue a college degree as families would rather prioritize their survival.

How can local officials expect a low-income household send a son or a daughter to a university when they can barely afford to buy a meal for the entire family from their measly income?

Based on several testimonies of rebel returnees, poverty led them to believe in the promises of the communist groups. Due to neediness, many are not able to go to school. It is general scarcity that they are forced to stay in their community where opportunities to earn or study are very limited.

But with the government's continuous efforts to connect and bring communities closer through building better and more accessible roads, LGUs should perhaps take this opportunity to provide more employment and generate more income for these communities.

As complicated as it is may seem, the LGU should prioritize education and employment. This could be just a small step but it would create a ripple effect for future generations.

And, hopefully, this change would allow people to understand that the enemy towards achieving peace and order and security, is not just the rebels but poverty itself.

Limits to one's growth is hindering further education, forcing an idealistic mind to abandon dreams, and limiting opportunities to have a better life.

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