Lawyering for the guilty

Lawyering for the guilty

Aug 30, 2023, 12:54 AM
OpinYon Editorial

OpinYon Editorial


The recent approval to endorse the termination of contract that binds the controversial MAC Builders to the Tacloban International Airport is the first in, hopefully, many more successes of the Regional Development Council.

What happens now would be a waiting game whether other policy-making bodies would take a stand as RDC in Eastern Visayas did.

To be specific, will the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines have the balls to call the contractors out and cut the ties?

As expressed by several representatives present during the latest deliberation, CAAP appears to be "lawyering" for the construction firm.

Are they prepared to lose face just to defend the firm through the guise of a gentleman's agreement?

Why defend the obviously guilty party that would eventually drag them down the drain with them?

Even legalities were not enough to put a leash on the company, how much more an agreement which binds no one?

If other bodies continue to act the way CAAP does, an enabler to abusive and irresponsible contractors, what would happen to Eastern Visayas? What would happen to the country?

It is about time for the government to have fangs and remind such people that there is no one or nothing above the law ... that irresponsible actions always have corresponding consequences.

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