Imagination na lang ba?

Imagination na lang ba?

Sep 19, 2023, 3:32 AM
OpinYon Editorial

OpinYon Editorial


San Pascual Elementary School, a small school in Sta. Rita, Samar located along the national highway, is currently operating with limited resources and teachers had to really be resourceful in order to perform their laden tasks.

Imagine teaching Information and communication technology (ICT), which uses a diverse set of specialized tools and resources to transmit, store, create, share, or exchange data, but without computers.

ICT classes are supposedly taught with a hands-on approach where students use actual computer sets. However, after the school’s desktop units were damaged by Typhoon Ruby, the Department of Education opted to repair the damaged units. They were exactly those: damaged.

As of now, teacher Romeo Nagpacan, Jr. teaches theoretical ICT and not even a projector is available.

Is DepEd ignoring quarterly request of schools for the essential learning apparatus? Is everything left to imagination?

Some teachers ask: if DepEd was able to procure overpriced laptops provided for distance and blended learning back in 2021, how come they could not provide a computer set which costs less half that of the overpriced laptops?

How will students learn the hands-on application without even a clue on the basic functions of an actual computer. The closest they might have seen is a mock or cardboard keypad and computer monitor. Next to these are e cell phone functions and their teacher’s personal laptop.

In this age of digitalization, DepEd must be reminded of the existing challenges for the education sector in far Samar.

With their motto "no student should be left behind", how will the youth keep up if deprived of basic learning tools.

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