After 40 years, Mom becomes a lawyer

After 40 years, Mom becomes a lawyer

Apr 17, 2023, 7:57 AM
Joyce Kahano-Alpino

Joyce Kahano-Alpino


For 40 years, Nancy Regis, a former chief of the civil registry of Sogod, Southern Leyte kept putting off her dream of becoming a lawyer. A series of obstacles forced her to delay taking her law degree and then taking the bar, which she finally had last 2022.

Now she is one of over 3,000 bar passers, and one of 10 who took and passed the bar for the first time from the Maasin College, College of Law in 2022.

Her proud son took to Facebook to recount how the family supported her every step of the way, which was marred by child births and rearing them and then a serious illness that made her set aside her dream of becoming a lawyer.

Delayed dreams

Napoleon Nazarene Regis shared on FB: “40 years ago my mother made a choice not to pursue Law and prioritize the happiness and well being of her 3 lovely daughters.” That was when Nancy was 23 years old and put the dreams of her children to finish school over that of her own.

"12 years later, her plans to pursue her dreams were then again postponed after being pregnant with her son."

"As a devoted mother, she waited for another eight years until all her children became successful professionals and set her eyes towards taking the bar while working as chief of the civil registry in Sogod. However, it seems like fate had other plans."
“She thought this was the perfect time to pursue Law. But a great ordeal came upon receiving news concerning her health. The most dreaded condition threatened her very existence. Major operations were done, went through several treatments, therapies, outstanding bills here and there, took medications religiously and prayed day after day,” Napoleon said.

After years of battling for health, which her son did not disclose her medical condition, Napoleon said that his mother "a perfect example of a strong and empowered woman" was able to overcome the hurdle that kept her from achieving her dreams.

“We said to her that you have fought the good fight already and it’s time to live a stress free, healthy and happy retired life but no, she refused to settle there,” he added.

Nancy continued as an employee while studying law on weekends and still being able to play her role as a loving mother and grandmother.

“Congratulations mama”

Fast forward to 2020, Nancy was able to graduate as a Juris Doctor before deciding to take the Bar Exam last November 2022.

“My mother took the test for the very first time at the age of 65 years old carrying with her all our support, with not an ounce of pressure from us. We frequently reminded her that being able to graduate from law school, going through the bar review and taking the bar exam together with people twice or thrice younger than her, is already something to celebrate! So just keep calm and take the exam as if it's just another pop up quiz,” Napoleon said.

And after all the delays and setbacks, Nancy succeeded through perseverance and her drive to achieve the long overdue title of attorney that she had always dreamt of.

“To everyone who is reading this, if you are going through something unspeakable, if you are enduring a silent battle, if you think you are not enough because you lack financial support, you have so many priorities, you feel too old, you feel left behind and if you are dreaming and hoping of something that seems so so far away, hang on to that flicker of hope inside you, and let this be a sign, a testament that in time, in God’s precious perfect time, also YOU CAN MAKE IT!” Napoleon said.

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