About time!

About time!

Feb 6, 2024, 3:28 AM
OpinYon Editorial

OpinYon Editorial


The ongoing conflict between the Philippine National Police (PNP) and private armed groups (PAGs) in Samar has raised serious concerns about the effectiveness of the police force. Despite the PNP's mandate to maintain law enforcement in the whole country — including combating criminal activities in the region — it seems helpless against the PAGs' power and influence.

The PNP's inability to curb the activities of these groups is a worrying development that demands immediate attention from the government. The presence private armed groups in Samar has created a lawless environment where criminal activities thrive with impunity, including the frequent killings. The PNP's failure to address this issue highlights its limitations in dealing with armed groups operating outside the law.

The PNP's weaknesses are compounded by its lack of resources - including personnel - making it difficult for them to effectively police vast areas of the region. The PNP's limited capacity also means that it is unable to provide adequate protection for civilians caught in the crossfire between its forces against PAGs' attacks. This has led to several instances where innocent civilians have been caught in violent encounters between these groups.

Most recently, the lives of three cops were lost when a whole community of armed men rained bullets on a 14-member squad trying to serve a warrant of arrest against three criminal suspects in Sta. Margarita, Samar.

While it is true that PAGs operate outside the law — it is also true that the PNP's weaknesses have contributed significantly to their growing power in Samar. It is an open secret that many feel as though the force turns a blind eye on these organizations which may or may not have the support of powerful men. People who can afford to buy the services of private armies for their own interests. At some point issues may come to light, unfortunately they also simply die out or brushed under the rag along with many similar cases that had occurred in the past.

If this goes on, these PAGs would continue to fear no one as if the law does not apply to them. The PNP should show its teeth and prove that justice applies to all. It's not that the public wants the officers to die for them. The public just wants something to be done, and done fast. Sadly, at present rate, when the public is asked many would agree that justice is a privilege for those who can afford it.

As many on social media said, you can't get justice unless you are interviewed by a senator on air. Otherwise it's another case of "pass-the-job-to-the-next-person" where the victims hopelessly await justice that will never come.

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