About time?

About time?

Sep 26, 2023, 7:21 AM
OpinYon Editorial

OpinYon Editorial


In the recent dismissal of a priest due to sexual assault allegations, many are now asking if that is simply how it would end - a dismissal case.

Is this enough for the victims to receive justice?

Sexual assault involving priests has been around for decades but as soon as the issue dies down due to the lack of transparency on the part of the church, either the priest is simply reassigned to a different diocese or they are defrocked.

It may be the last act of kindness on the church’s part to keep the information from the public eye. But what about the subjects of abuse and the future victims?

It is true that keeping the priests in check is the obligation of the church while protecting the general public is the business of the state.

In such cases both the church and the state should work together for the benefit of the people rather than maintain the cases within the walls of the Vatican or the diocese and keep from public eye.

Maybe it's about time for the government to adopt the same system abroad where sexual offenders, regardless of work and affiliation, are recorded on a website available to the public to avoid similar cases in communities.

Is there a point in protecting the life and reputation of one criminal over the safety of the entire community.

Showing the last bit of kindness by putting a veil over priests who forgot what they were clergymen, preachers and spiritual ministers, who authoritatively took off their robes for lust without consideration for the welfare hapless victims.

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