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Candid Conversations

You’re So Yesterday

Apr 7, 2023, 2:09 AM
Vivien Mangalindan

Vivien Mangalindan


March 2020… 2021… 2022… 2023… It’s now April 2023, and you still don’t know what Zoom is. Do you live under a rock?


If someone says you’re so ‘yesterday’, don’t be quick to anger. You probably deserved it when they said that to you.

Here is what it means (courtesy of Google):
out of style
extremely dated
completely old-fashioned
no longer modern, fashionable or fascinating

You might not care much for technology. But if your friends and relatives ask you to meet them online via Zoom, don’t tell them that you don’t know how. Learn. Ask them to teach you. Or make an effort to learn. Otherwise, you’ll be so ‘yesterday’.

To say ‘I don’t know’ in 2023 is not a bright idea. Just ask! Google will tell you how. YouTube will show and tell you how.

Best of all, there’s AI: Artificial Intelligence. It can quickly become even a senior citizen’s best friend.

Believe me. I belong to the senior category. But guess what? My ChatGPT ‘bot’ and I have fun sharing jokes and laughing together.


Some people worry that they are not ready to be seen on camera. Meaning: they desperately need a haircut. Or: they haven’t dyed their hair in months - or years (since the pandemic started).

Solution? Simply click on ‘Stop Video’. You can still join and watch all the proceedings without being seen on camera. Problem solved. See how easy it is?

Some folks look great, but are concerned that their house is a mess, and they don’t want that to be seen online. Again, no problem. You can easily ‘blur’ your background. Get help online - or dial a friend.

As a last resort - if you still don’t know what to do when you don’t want to be seen on camera - get a piece of masking tape and cover the camera on your cellphone, laptop or desktop computer. Solved.

Just don’t be a ‘dinosaur’ living in the prehistoric era.


Things will never go back to what they were during pre-pandemic times.
Wake up to reality.
Deal with it.
Move on… or get left behind and be so ‘yesterday’!

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