Yeba-dabba-doo goes after e-sabong, POGO

Yeba-dabba-doo goes after e-sabong, POGO

Oct 27, 2023, 5:03 AM
Fernan Angeles

Fernan Angeles


A RETIRED police general does not seem happy after collecting what appears to be a retirement benefit that is not enough to maintain his lavish lifestyle – traveling, gambling, night out with women half his age, among many other caprices.

To keep his lifestyle, this retired police general I’d rather call General Yeba, formed his own squad embarking on a lucrative con game in the guise of a crackdown against gambling syndicates by the Games and Amusement Board (GAB).

A check at the GAB however showed that this retired general is neither designated nor connected in any way to the agency. To cut the long story short, General Yeba is a fraud!

Looking at General Yeba’s service record in the Philippine National Police (PNP), he held sensitive positions and called shots in areas where illegal gambling and drug trade are thriving businesses.

After his mandatory retirement, General Yeba voluntarily offered himself to head GAB’s Anti-Illegal Gambling Unit (AIGU) to combat illegal gambling activities, which include (but not limited to) e-sabong, illegal bookies, game fixing, among many other professional sporting events from which syndicated groups collect bets.

With his application still pending, General Yeba (who introduces himself as the designated AIGU chief) formed his own squad and started raiding one illegal gambling hub to another in Metro Manila and the adjoining provinces of Cavite, Laguna, Batangas, Rizal, Quezon, and Bulacan.

His favorite targets though are e-sabong and POGO.

In just one year, General Yeba has reportedly amassed a fortune which is so much more than what the amount he received after retirement. And he is not inclined on "retiring" after he officially retired from the PNP.

* * *

Still on illegal gambling operation, Metro Manila cops are made to explain regarding allegations of pocketing over P100 million in cash that was recovered in an operation conducted against the illegal POGO firm in Parañaque City.

According to the raiding team, they were only able to seize P4.6 million at the Parksuites Condo, but the lawyers of the raided POGO firm insisted that cops looted no less than P100 million which was kept in a vault that according to them was destroyed by the operatives.

To prove their claim, the POGO firm’s legal team presented receipts corresponding to the withdrawal done in tranches and brought to Parksuites condo for safekeeping before the raiding team swooped down their condo unit.

Aside from receipts, the POGO legal team also presented CCTV footage where cops were seen leaving the premises with boxes and bags which they claimed contained the money that was taken from the raided condo unit.

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