Straight Talk by Roy Moraleta
Straight Talk

With COVID and all its developing variants of concerns

Aug 5, 2021, 12:05 AM
Roy Moraleta

Roy Moraleta


DON’T expect a soon let-down of this COVID disease. The likely popular public impression maybe is that this overrated flu is here to stay. Covid-19 has mutated into several “variants of concern” – Delta, Gamma, Beta, and Alpha. As of date, the health authorities and the local IATF have scrambled at finding the likely origin of the 10 Delta variant cases recently detected in the region.

Detected first in Wuhan, China by virologists, this infectious Coronavirus disease or Covid-19 has infected around 104,600 people and killed 4,848 Chinese. Fast forward from that fateful stringent week during the later months in 2019, to the early months of last year when the outbreak was detected, daily life in China today is slowly returning to normalcy. The Chinese appear to have learned already the truth that Coronavirus disease, just like any other disease, is here to stay. These people have learned to get along and live with what I call a mainstay virus.

Consider this one interesting medical review: “Most people infected with the Covid-19 virus will but experience mild to moderate respiratory illness and would subsequently recover without requiring special treatment.” Only a little over 3 to 4 percent would succumb to death. The number of recovery, more or less at 96 percent, remains relatively high and normal for mortal earthlings. After all, people die regardless. Covid-19 is as deadly as any other existing debilitating diseases there are today.

If this self-limiting virus is manageable of a flu, then I find the overrating and the excessively restrictive government interventions flawed and unnecessary. Or maybe we have arrived at a period when humankind has become overly anxious of life’s expedient reality of decay and death.

Mine is not to advance a fatalistic view. What we all need perhaps is a practical condescension on things humans can do, regardless: To accept even in disdain the sorry reality of unalterable law of growth and decay as a necessary principle in the entire human experience.

So yes, instead of going into the extremes and heights of restrictions – ECQ, MECQ, GCQ, MGCQ – as we have now become so fond of doing, maybe it’s about time to just learn to live along with Covid and its many versions and all its developing so-called “variants of concerns”.

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Straight Talk by Roy Moraleta

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