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Will DTI Sec. Lopez end up as another joker?

Jan 4, 2022, 12:39 AM
Ray L. Junia

Ray L. Junia


OpinYon wishes our followers all the best this new year can offer. Stay healthy and happy all..!

In the news, local governments are to get more funds from Internal Revenue Allocation (IRA) starting this year, 2022.

Thanks to Batangas Gov. Hermilando Mandanas, more of revenue collections by the government will be managed and disbursed by the local government units.

I hear from a car dealer, there is a flood of local officials who already reserved for their top of the line Sports Utility Vehicles (SUV).


The law that will create the Department of Migrant Workers just got signed by the President, a fitting recognition of OFW’s help to the national economy.

Migrant workers bring in about $30- B a year, keeping our local economy afloat.

Now, the government can borrow more dollars using the remittances as collateral, as this law expects to increase OFW remittances.


The country is now ready to buy cruise missiles from India.

This is part of the military’s modernization program, the new cruise missiles are supposed to defend our coasts from foreign intruders. Really?

So the Chinese are expected to stop shooting our fishermen and soldiers with water cannons?


The government is upbeat on its forecast for 2022, hoping to attract about P1Trillion in foreign investments next year.

So, Trade Secretary and BOI Chair Ramon Lopez is floating in the air with this dream, as the private sector expressed doubt the government will hit its targets.

“The reforms put in place to make the Philippines attractive to foreign investors are not enough to compete with the basket of incentives neighboring countries offer.”

Hoping against hope, will Lopez end up another joker?


This Christmas, my wife asked for pajamas as her gift. I gave her a beautiful party dress from a popular local store.

“I asked for pajamas?”,

my wife complained.

I answered,

“Why? You look better without them.”


A real estate salesman asked his prospect,

“Would you like to see a model home?”

Prospect answers, “That’s wonderful. What time is she off from work?”


A young, beautiful lady is running for a council seat in our city.

Eager to prove the traditional campaign method still works, she decided to go house to house seeking for support.

Knocking at my door, she said,

“Hi sir, I come to seek your support.”

Unbelieving, I replied,

“I’m sorry beautiful miss, I’ve been married for forty years now.”

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Community Whispers by Ray Junia

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