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Community Whispers

Will Digong value wealth over health?

Feb 23, 2021, 2:18 AM
Ray L. Junia

Ray L. Junia


There was once two robbers who broke into a city bank, hoping to cart away treasure.


But instead of money or gold or jewelry, all they found inside the bank's safes were small bowls of white pudding, which the robbers decided to eat instead.

The next day, the headlines read: CITY'S LARGEST SPERM BANK ROBBED.


Our government is caught in a big dilemma on whether the country’s status should be downgraded to more lenient and relaxed modified general community quarantine from the current general community quarantine.

The argument for those proposing the change is that it's high time we make steps to revive our economy.

Those against it, however, say that our efforts for economic recovery may be thwarted by a surge of COVID-19 cases should we allow more people in the streets.

As it is, Digong is in a bind, will it be wealth over health or the other way around?

However, judging from President Duterte's past decisions, I believe he will value the health of our people as the highest consideration in reopening our economy.


Headline: Facebook blocks news sites in Australia

News reports had it that social media site Facebook blocked news websites from its platform as a response to a law ordering websites to pay for online news content.

Australians were unable to post links to news articles or view the Facebook pages of local and international news outlets, while users logged in overseas could not view Australian news pages.

Several emergency services were also caught in the blackout with government pages alerting the public to Covid-19 outbreaks, bushfires and cyclones rendered blank, as well as the pages of domestic violence helplines and charities.


This, to me, is not just worrying but alarming.

Imagine, Facebook is punishing its users who have the right for truthful, factual information just because of legal disputes. Facebook’s move smacks of censorship.

The trend could also give way to misinformation and propaganda to freely circulate in Facebook, critics charge.

That is very worrying in the Philippine setting, especially with elections more than a year away.


Soon after the wedding, the patriarch of a multinational business conglomerate had a chance to talk with his new son-in-law.

“Look,” the businessman said,
“As much as possible, I don’t want you to feel left out in our family. Therefore, we have decided to offer you the management of one of our factories.”
“No,” the son-in-law replied. “I dislike working in factories. I can’t stand the noise and the smell.”
“Hmmm… How about putting you as one of our directors?”
“No,” the son-in-law said. “I get tired of sitting in meetings all day.”

Exasperated, the businessman said,

“Then what do you really want us to do to you, son?”
“That’s easy,” the son-in-law replied.
“Buy me out.”


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