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Community Whispers

Why farmers are poor

Jun 28, 2022, 1:21 AM
Ray L. Junia

Ray L. Junia


Oil prices are expected to again increase this week, in an almost routine rise in prices of diesel and gasoline.

Diesel, the poor man’s fuel, will increase by over P1.00 per liter, making this fuel the most expensive driver of engines on our roads.

Years back, diesel driven cars and vehicles were preferred over gasoline fed cars, for their low cost in maintenance. Now, gasoline fed cars are cheaper to maintain but the electric cars are the new and in things.

My daughter who bought before the Eukraine war disturbed oil supply a hybrid car, using gas and battery, could not be more happy. She says her full tank of gasoline is good for one month, driving in the city. The battery fuels the car while in traffic.


Survey says, 44 percent expects better life quality in one year. they are the optimists. They see good from the deepening worldwide economic crisis. The other 66 percent are the pessimists who fear the consequences of steep rise in oil prices, dangerous inflation and devastating devaluation of the peso.

Families living on remittances could not be more happy, the value of a dollar sent is now P5.00 more. This means increase in buying powers of the OFW families.

Our malls must be teeming with OFW kids rushing to buy the latest gadgets.


The Department of Agriculture (DA) blames local government for the farmers’ failure to make their farms productive.

Yes, the LGUs take a part of the blame for the farmers’ plight. But the DA should not escape responsibility why our farms are not profitable to encourage farmers to plant.

Smuggling of farm products kills profitability of farm products. Cost of production is another. To stop these two “killers,” both the LGU and the national government, through the DA, should strongly help each other.

I speak from my experience as a farmer. I retired from active media work to become a farmer.


I get reminded of a story of a farmer, who brought his pet crocodile to a bar.

“I bet , P5,000 Ill place my dick into the mouth of the croc and nothing will happen to my manhood,” he said in challenging those in the bar. The crowd called the bet.

The farmer then stripped and had his dick in the croc mouth. Then he smashed the head of the reptile, forcing the croc to open its mouth and out came the dick, unharmed. The farmer collects his winning.

After, downing a coule of beers, the farmer, hollered, “There is P5,000 here waiting for anyone else who is willing to try.”

The crowd was in silence. After few minutes, a hand was seen raised and a toothless fat woman answered to the call, saying, “I’ll give it a try on one condition, you’ll not hit me in the head with that beer bottle.”


On July 1, we have a new president, that would have been sworn in earlier or by June 30 to the position with a list of promises one of which is to tell only the truth and nothing but the truth.

Then he appointed a vlogger to become his presidential spokesman.

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