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Candid Conversations

What’s Your Conversation Style?

May 12, 2023, 11:06 AM
Vivien Mangalindan

Vivien Mangalindan


Happy Mother’s Day Moms! My greetings are a bit early, but here’s something for you to think about before you celebrate your special day on Sunday.


Do you sometimes say something, and your kids reply in different ways? Or sometimes they have no reaction to what you say?

Conversation styles refer to the way people communicate with each other during a conversation. Observe the tone and approach people use when they're talking. Here are some common conversation styles.


This style of conversation is often used in professional or official settings, such as job interviews or business meetings.

People using this style typically speak in a polite and respectful tone, using proper grammar and avoiding slang or casual language.


In contrast to formal conversation, casual conversation is more relaxed and informal.

This style is commonly used between friends and family members, and often includes slang or colloquial language.


An assertive conversational style involves communicating your needs and opinions in a confident and direct way.

People who use this style are comfortable speaking up for themselves and setting boundaries, but they also listen actively to others.


A passive conversational style involves avoiding conflict and being hesitant to express one's thoughts or feelings.

Those who use this style may come across as passive or submissive. They may struggle to assert themselves in social situations.


An aggressive conversational style involves dominating the conversation and imposing one's own views on others.

People who use this style may come across as rude or confrontational, and may not listen to others' perspectives.


Moms, what’s your conversation style? There's no ONE ‘right’ way to have a conversation.

People may use different conversation styles in different situations.

The most effective communication often involves adapting your conversation style to fit the context and the person you're talking with.

Be more self-aware, and learn to identify the conversation styles of your family members. Happy Mother’s Day!

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