We never grow old, we only keep on growing ‘new and unique’
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We never grow old, we only keep on growing ‘new and unique’

Feb 26, 2024, 2:03 AM
Bob Acebedo

Bob Acebedo


“The unchanging law of life is change,” so goes the truism. Yes, nothing is permanent in this life. Everything changes, and our life is in constant state of flux or “becoming”.

On a similar vein, thus, life is a never-ending learning process, a constant work in progress – from womb to tomb.

For this reason, we actually never grow old; we only keep on growing in wisdom, faith, love, and always becoming NEW and UNIQUE – the authentic, happy, and fulfilled “we” ourselves are.

That we keep on evolving and becoming something “new and original” as we age is affirmed by Tracey Gendron, Ph.D. in her book “Ageism Unmasked: Exploring Age Bias and How To End It”:

““Every day you’re alive, you become more uniquely yourself, by accruing an extensive set of distinctive experiences that no other person has ever had. Remember then, when you consider the losses inherent in growing old, that you also have the chance to be something new: by pursuing new ideas, meeting new people, learning new things, and following new interests until they become incorporated into a new – older, but better off – version of yourself.”

Verily, for my part, being already a first-quarter sexagenarian, I can positively adduce that I’m not growing old but only growing “new” and “uniquely myself” with the following thoughts.

One, I have redefined the way I see aging and retirement. Getting older is actually a great thing in many ways, and there’s always something new and good to look forward to every day. I have more time. I don’t feel like I have anything to prove like I did when I was younger. I remain cool when someone plays dirty to outrun me in a rat race – because, precisely, I am neither a rat nor I am in any race. I have more and deeper relationships.

Two, having strayed through the ups and downs of life, I now have a sense of purpose and meaning. A meaningful life is a life anchored on purpose. If human natural law requires that we have to relate with one another, human purpose presupposes that we are meant not only for ourselves but for others, that we are meant not only being BLESSED but also being a BLESSING to others too. For, truly, to serve others – being our life purpose – is to benefit ourselves, to bless others is also to bless ourselves. 

Peace ye! We never actually grow old, we only keep on growing or thriving to be new and unique. So that, when the heavenly Father will summon me home, I can readily say, “Ego ecce Domino, quia vocasti me (Here I am Lord, for thou hast called me)!”

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