Wander Woman: The Empowering Journey of Solo Traveler

Wander Woman: The Empowering Journey of Solo Traveler

Jul 2, 2024, 7:21 AM
Marjorie A. Maido

Marjorie A. Maido


Traveling solo for a woman might sound daunting, but as a woman who enjoys traveling alone, I would say it is one of the most liberating and enriching experiences I have had. Solo travel for me is a source of personal growth as much as a way to revitalize my energy and realize that there is so much more to life.

My first solo trip to Europe way back in 2017 left me anxious and nervous.

But it was not for the reasons that I will be treading an unknown path. I was more nervous about whether I had the necessary documents that the Immigration officers would be asking of me. I have been a solo traveler since my elementary years. 

We lived in a rural area 48 kilometers away from the city, but my mother allowed me to travel to the city for some errands, alone at the tender age of 10. I followed her instructions and I have always returned safe and sound. 

There Are Risks

But traveling abroad alone, of course, poses more risks. I have heard stories from male and female close friends where they got mugged in some cities in Europe. I have traveled many times, but fortunately, I have never experienced anything of that sort. 

Traveling alone is safe, but you have to plan well, research which areas to avoid, and always have presence of mind. It’s going to be a journey of self-discovery and limitless possibilities. 

Traveling alone made me brave in so many ways. It also let me discover new layers of myself. There is a certain degree of liberation and empowerment where you set your own pace, follow your schedule, give in to your curiosity, and allow yourself to make spontaneous decisions. 

I would not have roamed around different museums in London if I were with someone who does not like visiting these places. Or I would not have hiked the hills of Prague if my company is not keen on hiking in the cold.

Fearless Adventurer

Solo travel provides a space for introspection that is difficult to find in our daily lives. 

I remember sipping coffee in a Viennese café, enjoying tea in London, or sitting on a bench in Moscow, where I am staring blankly at the intricate wall or ceiling décor, or just the skies, but contemplating how life is not just about fulfilling duties and obligations, but also about exploring, learning, growing, and savoring new experiences and finding joy in the unexpected. 

My last travel abroad was last October in Japan. I was spellbound. 

Now, I look forward to another opportunity, wherever possible. So, to my female friends who want to travel alone but are still doubting themselves, the world is waiting for you. 

Be a fearless adventurer!

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