(Un)common Sense by James Veloso
(Un)Common Sense

‘Unity’ What Now?

Feb 17, 2023, 12:14 AM
James Veloso

James Veloso


You’ve heard it all too often after elections: local officials calling for their colleagues to move on from the mudslinging and backstabbing during the campaign period and “unite” for their constituents.

Yet former allies turning to enemies or rivals are part and parcel of the lively, chaotic political scenery here in the Philippines.

It’s not unusual that cracks will begin to form on what appears to be a “united front” a year or so before the filing of certificates of candidacy – and two years before the elections.

Yet some residents of a progressive city here in Laguna province are now wondering: is their city’s “united front” apparently on the verge of falling apart THIS early?


Sources have told OpinYon Laguna that there’s now a “gap” between the two local executives of this city more than six months after the May 2022 elections.

These two local executives, who have ran in tandem during the 2022 polls, defeated the ruling political dynasty in this city in what political analysts have called a “close” race (well, not exactly close if election results are to be believed).

Take note, however, that while the local executive (let’s just call him Executive No. 1) has been considered a “newbie” in the city’s political scene, his partner (Executive No. 2 for reference) was a veteran, having served at the city council for some years.

Gossip-mongers have told our staff that Executive No. 2 has been griping about Executive No. 1’s management style.

“Ang kwento daw sa amin ay ‘controlling’ raw itong is [Executive No. 1], lahat daw pinakikialaman,” our staff told us.

But what apparently earned the ire of Executive No. 2 is how Executive No. 1 seems to have let his “unexpected” victory at last year’s polls go to his head.

“Sinabihan daw sila [ni Executive No. 1] na di raw sila mananalo sa eleksyon kung hindi dahil sa kanya,” was how our staff put it.


As we’ve said earlier in this column, preparations for the next elections often start even as the winning candidates are proclaimed.

Some political analysts in this city now believe that Executive No. 1 and Executive No. 2, once partners touting “unity” (even in their national alliances, may I point out), may face off against each other in the 2025 polls.

While that possibility is still remote (after all, a LOT could happen in the next two years), that idea’s not without precedent.

In this city, political alliances have been made and unmade like Lego bricks, depending on which alliance would be “more advantageous” to the candidates’ personal interests.

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