Unethical behavior is the ‘new normal’?

Feb 27, 2024, 3:18 AM
Ray L. Junia

Ray L. Junia


A Senator’s wife posted a picture of herself having an “IV drip” inside her husband’s office, right inside the Senate.

What bothers me even more is that both husband and wife see nothing wrong with conducting their personal affairs right inside a government office.

But I’m not totally surprised by such unethical behavior.

We’ve all seen instances of government employees idling away their time, chitchatting, doing their beauty routines or even sleeping during office hours – traits the government has been trying to get rid of in the civil service.

Here comes a high-ranking official who’s OK with his wife, a prominent celebrity, doing her own thing in his office.

What kind of message will that send to our government employees? That it’s OK to waste their time while on the job because high officials do it anyway?

Speaking of couples, there was a couple who had spent all their lives at their rural farm. For their 50th wedding anniversary, they decided to go to the big city and see the sights.

A few minutes after they arrived at the city’s most luxurious hotel, the woman began complaining to the bellhop.

“We refuse to settle here!” she said. “Such a small room, and there’s no windows, there’s no bed, there’s no air-conditioning!”

“But, madam…” the bellman replied.

“Don’t ‘but madam’ me!” the elderly woman shot back. “You can’t treat us like we’re a couple of old fools just because we don’t travel much and have never spent a night in a hotel. I’m going to complain to the manager!”
“But, madam,” the bellhop finally managed to say, “this isn’t your room. This is the elevator!”

If you want your wife to listen and pay undivided attention to every word you say, talk in your sleep.

Then there was an elderly woman who went to an artist and told him, “Please paint me wearing diamond earrings, a diamond necklace, emerald bracelets, a ruby brooch, and a Rolex watch on each arm.”

“But, madam,” the artist replied, “you’re not wearing any of those things.”

“I know,” she said. “It’s just in case I should die before my husband. I’m pretty sure he’ll get married again right away, and I want his new wife to go crazy looking for all that jewelry.”

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