Trickle-Down Effect, Unity and Civil War

Aug 18, 2023, 2:57 AM
Sonny Domingo

Sonny Domingo


PBBM: Why is it that I could not seem to put things in order? The face of poverty is still around us, there seems to be no peace yet in the uplands, many are still hungry and prosperity seems unreachable. In effect, despite my call for UNITY it seems prosperity is not yet attainable. And to think that the seven billionaires who have always been with me on my travels abroad to encourage direct investors to be their partners to create more jobs and have prosperity, seems not to be working. What seems to be wrong?

KA MON: Simple, Mr. PRESIDENT. Unknowingly, by going around the world with the seven billionaires hoping to create more jobs for prosperity means that you still believe on the " trickle-down effect".

This economic theory has long been abandoned. The countries still following it end up with a civil war which we can not afford. God forbids, this is where we are going now if you do not see the warning signs. 

I should know because a group in Central Luzon is ready to blockade the highways with their tractors and will be met in Manila by the Labor sector upon the orders of someone I know to freeze the economy that only benefits the rich and making democracy and capitalism a joke. He also led a PEACEFUL Farmers' Congress in the Rizal Stadium.(later renamed Aquino stadium after it.was provided an air conditioning system by Cory Aquino) just a few weeks after the Mendiola MASSACRE of our farmers who were just exercising their Freedom of Assembly.

The newly installed President Cory (who claimed to have brought back democracy to our country kasama ang mga "kano") did not even bother to express sympathy.

Then when Pres. Cory renege on her promise to increase the price support for palay they declared a FOOD BLOCKADE. That is when the promised palay price support was given. It could have started a civil war then.

PBBM: With my 31 million votes it could not happen.

KA MON: Well with the now increasing price of rice, the same people that voted for you could just start it with most of the rice farms damage now which we predicted to increase but no one was listening, not even NFA. Just remember there is no peace when there is poverty. First there will be food poverty, then abject poverty. Then there will be no peace. With no peace in the countryside the seven billionaires can not contribute to prosperity.

Imagine a country that allows a corporation to collect from it's subscribers/clients their corporate tax and run away to the bank to deposit their net profit their billions without any qualms. 

Just recently Sen.Tulfo exposed a billonaire corporation passing on their franchise tax to their customers. It's about time we all go back to the basics and logic of things to be. If not for SenTulfo's vigilance and sincerity to his oath as a Senator this billionaire corporations will continue with their shenanigans and can never help you bring prosperity.

PBBM: What then do you suggest?

KA MON: Sir, it's time to wake up from that dream of UNITY. That was a good slogan in your campaign to get more votes. But with all this natural and unnatural problems forget your SEVEN BILLIONAIRES to help you and pivot to attending to the needs of the poor in the city slums and on the mountains. Develop them and their natural resources like the multimmion hectares of the IPs. Their 10 million population that is now left behind will trigger prosperity, reduce flooding and definitely poverty. There will be peace in the land and finally PROSPERITY.

Again, Mr. PRESIDENT, forget your dream of unity and work towards down to earth PROSPERITY. 

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Politics of the DA bureaucracy

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