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Community Whispers

Too much fake news in the air

Mar 7, 2023, 12:20 AM
Ray L. Junia

Ray L. Junia


Communications these days have become toxic. With so many fake news in the air and many netizens are always in a hurry and do not even bother to check, confusion becomes normal.

This reminds me of a very excited first-time father who called for an ambulance service.

“Come quickly, very quick please. My wife is about to have a baby.”


“Is this her first baby?”


“This is her husband. You idiot!”



‘We’re not having any more kids after this third.”


“Why, I thought you wanted four kids.”


“I’ve changed mind. I heard from reports that every fourth child born in the world today is a Chinese.”


Headline: “Cha-cha via con-con open to political change”

Really? We thought all along that the economic issues came only second to political interests in the constitution, term limits being the first.


Fratman in hazing commits suicide. That’s brotherhood forever, in life and even after death.


Jeepney modernization is a good program that is bound to fail.

Some good ideas are just that, good ideas with the best intentions that go hijacked by business interests below and after the idea level.

The modern jeepney unit is just too costly that operators and drivers can't afford to pay from the unit’s income.


Sustained inflation jump trigger hikes in key policy rates, the BSP reports.

The government is using cost of money as a big tool to tame inflation.

There is something fishy in this solution. Inflation is measured as cost of living.

Increasing cost of money, results in jump in cost of everything.

So is increasing cost of money, a solution to contain inflation?


BBM orders full digitalization in government service. Employees in money-making agencies, meanwhile, are working overtime to avoid digitalization.

I hear, in a DOF agency, honey has become a tool to sabotage computerization.

Cables in computers are coated with honey to attract rats that chew up the cables, disabling systems.

For every problem, there is a solution and Filipino are very creative. To the corrupt workers in the agency, computerization was a problem and the honey was the solution.


BOC reports, it raked in P63 billion, exceeding targets and reported collections better than in 2022.

Hey wait. 2022 was in pandemic and practically nothing was moving.


Q&A: Why is leopard bad at hiding?

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Community Whispers by Ray Junia

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