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Community Whispers

The road to Malacañang is like a game of golf

Nov 16, 2021, 12:14 AM
Ray L. Junia

Ray L. Junia


LAST Saturday was stoked even in higher confusion, as almost every Filipino watched in amazement moves by the First Family on their choices in the coming national elections.

The day ended up with President Digong and his daughter, Mayor Sarah, both wanting to be vice-president.

Sen. Bong Go could not be more correct when he said “magulo at marumi ang ating politika.”

Sen. BG made official his intention to run for president, as Sen. Bato Dela Rosa withdrew his candidacy for president.

In our country, entertainers-comedians make fun of our politicians. Then politicians make fun of the people and we all get entertained.

Now we witness the connect between comedians and our politicians.


The road to Malacañang is like a game of golf. You go from one hole to another before reaching the final hole.

Then at the final hole, you make sure the caddy writes the winning numbers.

Life, in fact, is like playing golf. As soon as the man gets into a hole and leaves, he starts searching for another.


One bank I was told is too sensitive to needs of customers that it has gone an extra mile in making sure services are rated excellent.

Keeping up with technology, this bank is doing well in providing drive thru facilities.

They even improved on it by providing two windows, making it easier for the husband to deposit in the front seat, while his wife withdraws from the back seat.


Have you heard of that story of a promdi businessman who went to the bank and wanted his personal savings account changed to joint account with his wife?

“What’s a joint savings account? I intend to open a joint account with my wife” the depositor asked.

The new accounts window teller was just too happy to explain to the businessman:

“It is the most generous gesture a husband can do to his wife. It is a statement of highest respect and love to the partnership.

It works this way: the husband, that is you, makes all the deposits and the wife does all the withdrawals.”

The husband walked out from the bank.


Joint accounts prove that wives are quicker on the draw.


Talking of banks, a customer called his grocer and asked, “Did you get the check I sent you?” the grocer answered, “Yes, I got it, in fact, twice already. I got it first from you, then I just got it from the bank.”

Then hubby tells the wife: “The bank has just returned the check.”

Wife: “That’s great then. What can we buy with it now?”


My bank is highly specialized that when I called to be connected to someone assigned to the bonds, I was asked if it was conversion or redemption.

I thought I had a wrong number.

I asked: “Is this Metrobank or CBCP?”

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Community Whispers by Ray Junia

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