The Priest vs. Filipino Driver

The Priest vs. Filipino Driver

Mar 26, 2024, 12:23 AM
Ray L. Junia

Ray L. Junia


In the news, an officer of the Philippine National Police promised to make his lover disappear. So PNP officials are also magicians?

MIAA says it will remove gang chairs at NAIA 3 lobby.

A gang of bedbugs has taken over these chairs.


Management Association of the Phil. (MAP) wants Metro Manila under a ‘state of traffic calamity’.

This group of management experts was invited by Congress to a hearing on Metro Manila development and on a House bill that seeks to provide emergency powers to the President to address the traffic problem.

MAP suggested the creation of a task force to attend to the rising road mess and the need for a comprehensive plan.

With all this chaos in our streets, no comprehensive plan exists?


MAP also suggested public buses using the EDSA Busway be converted to e-vehicles.

And private EVs should not be allowed in the busway which should be exclusively used by public buses.

Another thought from our business community, exemption in paying congestion charges for owners of EVs.

In advanced countries suffering from road traffic problem, car owners are charged congestion fees to discourage bringing their cars to the designated area.

We have toll fees for use of roads. Now congestion fees?


Our Metro road network is like our intestines, bloated with heavy toxins, it is about to burst on the sides. The indigestion that goes with the bloating kills the body like the road congestion that is killing our economy.

Road congestion is not only killing our economy. It is slowly killing us with massive air pollution.


Road traffic is a space issue created by outdated government policies.

We are slowly shifting to mass transport from the crazy car-biased transport system.

In some countries, owning a car is more of a privilege than a right. There are rules and caps that the state controls ownership of private cars.

The caps will surely make our cops very happy.


My eight-year-old grandson asked, “Why do you call the priest ‘father’ when he is neither married nor has children?”

I could not tell him about the children, though.


What’s the difference between knowledge and faith?

My atheist friend explains, “When a man signs the birth certificate as father to his new born child, that’s knowledge. When he believes the baby is his son, that’s faith.”


At the pearly gates, St. Peter asked two friends, “Have you been faithful to your wife?”

Friend 1. “Yes.” Then St. Peters tells him to get the Mercedes Benz to ride inside heaven.

Friend 2, “I work in a bar that temptations were always there and I slept with other women several times.” St. Peter, “at least you’re honest. Now take the bicycle to use in heaven.”

The two friends met. Friend 2 asks Friend 1, “Why do you look sad when you are in a Benz?”

Friend 1, “I just saw my wife on a bicycle.”


Also at the pearly gates, a priest and a Filipino bus driver were before St. Peter.

To the priest, St. Peter says “wait for five years.”

To the driver, St. Peter says, “Enter heaven.”

The priest complains. “I’ve been preaching every day as priest and he is just a drunken driver.”

St. Peter answered, “Note, when you preached the churchgoers slept. But this Filipino, when behind the wheel, they all prayed.”

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