The Politics of the Law of Supply and Demand

The Politics of the Law of Supply and Demand

Sep 18, 2023, 8:57 AM
Sonny Domingo

Sonny Domingo


PBBM: What is this ruckus about my E0 39 and the Law of Supply and Demand with former former USec Cielo D. Magno, PhD, of the DOF?

KA SONNY: Yes, Sir. It is almost similar to the advice to a former President that we have to follow the Law of Supply and Demand. And his reaction was " then you must revoke that Law".

So when Dr. Magno put on his Facebook the Law of Supply and Demand graph to let his Facebook followers and the public understand it instead of advising against your EO, her services was terminated immediately on your instructions way before the effectivity of her resignation date.

Yet, the culprit behind this fiasco of letting you sign the EO without consulting your economic managers to which Dr. Magno belongs is your DA and DTI executives for rushing the issuance of your EO to put a cap to the retail price of rice to P 41 per kg. (which they say the oligarchs buy to feed to their dogs) and P 45 per kg. which is still expensive for the ordinary wage earners.

PBBM: And what is this issue about the existence or non existence of a rice cartel?

KA SONNY: Mr. President, your DA Usec. Sebastian told the Congressmen during the DA Budget Hearing that there is NO RICE CARTEL and proposed two pathways to lower the price of rice.

(In my previous column I then proposed a 3rd Pathway, since the two Pathways he suggested are no longer allowed under the WTO which your executives in DA should know).

When Dr. Magno was asked the same question, she was not sure if the dozen selected importers of rice are considered a cartel.

PBBM: And what do you think, Ka Sonny?

KA SONNY: Sir, you should go to the "Intercity" in Bocaue, Bulacan where all the rice mills supplying Metro Manila is concentrated and have uniform prices before selling (where we conducted a food blockade until Pres. Cory increased the price support of our palay thru NFA by P1 as we demanded) and before they deliver to Metro Manila, then there must be a Rice Cartel.

Now, if your executives think that that is not a rice cartel, then there is NO RICE CARTEL.

Now, since you are asking what I think, let me share with you what I wrote in the Facebook of Dr. Magno.

I said: "Yes, Cielo, the Farmers are the Rice Cartel". They are the farmers that will buy more fertilizers to produce more palay if they think that they will have good price at harvest time (or a government price support). And if they think the farm gate price will be a losing proposition, then they will not apply more fertilizers and just produce for themselves and hoping they can have a surplus to pay their debts in good weather at harvest time.

And I can explain this to you in 30 minutes.

PBBM: OK. Has she answered you to meet her?

KA SONNY: Not yet, Sir. I hope it will be very soon before the next planting season because our Farmers Rice Cartel have their own production strategy and would like her help to establish the socio-economic and environmental impact of a commercial rice production program that can ensure the supply chain as you told the delegates in the Singapore summit.

Not only that. It can also produce renewable energy from the production of 30 tons of rice husk everyday from a 10 hectares cluster and the program does not only produce clean energy but can now be an import substitute which is your birthday wish.

PBBM: And what will the Farmers Rice Cartel do with its production ones they get to know the impact of their commercial rice production to be favorable to all?

KA SONNY: Sir, they will sell it to the highest bidder under a free market economy. This will be their END GAME unless DA opts to provide equipments and capital that they need.

A conglomerate of European Foundations Is now negotiating ro give this support to them which the government has not provided until now.

PBBM: If their program can solve our problem why don't they proposed to the me?

KA SONNY: They have been proposing this in the previous administrations but they have what they call their own banner programs to implement with their yearly "watchmacallit:l" if you get what I mean. And as for you, you have time with traders and even have dinner with them but you have no time for them.

So, like what the Americans would say "what the heck".

(EDITORS NOTE: Ka Sonny is not only a subsistence rice farmer and advocate for "Farmer Rights" but is also a member of the PRC Board of Agriculture. For more of his column please go to to and YouTube POLITICS TODAY Talk News TV: Part 2 March 25, 2017 )

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