Community Whispers by Ray Junia
Community Whispers

The Naked Lady

Mar 15, 2021, 10:00 PM
Ray L. Junia

Ray L. Junia


THE surge in the spread of the Covid-19 virus is worse today than in the record days of last year. Many variants have entered the country, the latest discovered was theBrazil variant.

This surge came as the country announced the arrival of few doses of Chinese vaccine, Sinovac. My neighbor asks, is it Sinovac or “nasibak”?


Another neighbor tells me not to worry of the Covid-19. It’s just a flu. Yes, I answered him. People who die from flu surely flew to heaven.


One source of big worry to the government is our system’s ability to cope with overbooked hospitals and clinics.

Doctors, I noticed, are mostly half effective with online consultation. Of course, not the doctor’s fault, a friend tends to lie on his blood pressure afraid to be under strict bed rest and miss the mahjong.


The bigger source of worry to the ordinary neighbor is cost of getting cured of the virus when hit. Hospital bill is reported to reach millions of pesos.

I would certainly believe this, I once asked my doctor before my heart bypass 15 years ago if the procedure will hurt. He assured me I will be on anesthesia and I won’t feel pain.

“But I can’t guarantee no pain when you get your billing,” he added.


The campaign for the 2022 elections has started, pandemic or none. Surveys keep popping up like my favorite popcorns.

At the national level last week, Daughterte kept the lead in most surveys over other hopefuls even when she denied she was running for president.

The latest survey shows Sen. Bong Go, Pres. Duterte’s favorite sidekick, is now a serious candidate, and is now leading the pack in latest surveys.

In my community, survey says a resident of Binan City is leading over the locals in the run for a congress seat in our city, San Pedro in Laguna.

He appears to be leading the opposition juggernaut, as he is teamed up in the lead pack with the incumbent vice mayor who is eyeing the highest seat in the city.

Just like many other surveys, this survey by a dubious group raises eyebrows at how these local politicians insult voters of San Pedro.

As this San Pedro surveys are obviously funded by those leading in the results, it gives us a glimpse of how these politicos see the people they are wooing for trust.

These politicos take us for fools. Then they don’t deserve our trust, worse our respect.


This Binanense who is buying his way to become San Pedro’s first congressman, has all primed up every trick in the books of dirty politics.

The whisper going around though, he is a candidate for a place where he is safe with 24/7 security, sans an aging ex-bold star.


This situation in our community, as in most communities, I liken to a lady who was about to get to a shower, already naked, when the doorbell rang.

Shouting by the door of her apartment, she asked, who goes there? “I’m a blind salesman, came the answer.

Thrilled by the thought of having a blind salesman in the house while she is naked, she admitted in the blind salesman.

The guest got his big surprise, his jaw dropped, saying, “I was intending to sell blinds.”

Where was the connect here?

These politicos think we are like this naked lady thrilled by strange thoughts and imaginings.

But I don’t blame politicians falling for, and treating us, like strippers in the big screen. They believe we sell and can be bought. And they have the millions to buy.

Surely, voters in San Pedro are surprised and unbelieving at this Binanense’s stupid lies and imaginings, but like this salesman, they are not blind.

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