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Community Whispers

The big bangs of 2023

Jan 10, 2023, 12:20 AM
Ray L. Junia

Ray L. Junia


The new year indeed started with a bang.

To the over 60,000 airline passengers stuck at the NAIA, the first day of the year was indeed a disappointment to say the least.

NAIA communications system went kaput and for six hours in that day, NAIA was dead.

They say the cause of death was failure of back up system to work if there was a back up system.

There were back up systems, redundant in fact, but the government forgot to do the required maintenance that when needed, so the system failed.

But, the DOTR blames the previous administration of Pres. Rodrigo Duterte, for not having this back up system. This don’t-look-at-me explanation was found later to be a big lie.

My good friend Jake Maderazo of the Philippine Daily Inquirer called for the head of the DOTR to resign, citing delicadesa, if these officials have little pride left.

Other groups including, Kilig-Lakbay, a group promoting travel safety in the country joined the call for the DOTR officials to resign.

Me, I think it was neglect that caused the NAIA system failure. Seven months after the take over of the new administration, BBM men did not even bother to check system efficiency in critical areas.

This NAIA system going dead is a sure sign of the kind of leadership we expect from the DOTR.

Coming soon, train riding public complaining of MRT efficiency.

What do you think?


The other big bang on first few days of 2023, the son of the top man at the Department of Justice walks out from prison, acquitted of the charge of illegal possession of drugs.

The police earlier said they have a tight case against the son. But the courts thought otherwise. Lapses in evidence presentation, led to the acquittal.

Filipino disappointment over this twist was e.pressed mostly in jokes like this one: The evidence is strong, but the father is stronger. This really made me laugh.

Laughter is our medicine to our miseries. Now that explains why we are tops on world ratings on resiliency.


At the nature front, the year started with two LPAs approaching the country. One from the west, the other from the east, causing heavy rains and floods in some regions.

Reports of deaths and thousands becoming homeless from the floods made headlines.


On a positive note, the government reports dip in unemployment and dramatic rise in the employed in the labor sector.

In very rare times, I believe in fairy tales.

So, what do you think will 2023 be?


2022 also ended with media going to town with stories like inflation hitting the roof, citing cost of onion going out of control.

The joke going around in social media was onion has replaced diamonds in rings sold at Velayo’s and Miladay.


Talk of the town, a farmer waked into a bar with his pet crocodile in my home town in Leyte.

Intending to entertain and get free beer, he challenged the crowd, “I offer a deal, I’ll open this croc’s mouth and get my dick inside it. It will close its mouth for 30 seconds, then open. I’ll remove my dick unscathed. I’ll do this for 1 bottle of beer from each of you.”

The deal was made and the farmer did as he promised. Had his dick inside the croc’s mouth then after 30seconds, hit the croc’s head and the croc opened its mouth. The dick was without a scratch. The crowd whispered in awe. So the beers were given.

Few minutes later, the farmer again,

“Here is P500.00 for anyone who is willing to give it a try.” A hush fell over the crowd, none dared to take the bet until one woman in a corner called out, “I’ll take the bet but you have to promise not to hit me on the head.”

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