Fine by Me by Amadeus Rex
Fine By Me

Somewhere I Belong

May 1, 2021, 6:34 AM
Amadeus Rex

Amadeus Rex


IT is human to desire the feeling of belonging. Being the generally social creatures that we are, most of us tend to want to look for a place among other people where we believe we are meant to be.

With people who share the same views, beliefs, interests, activities, personalities, and other traits in common, it is easy to feel like it is favorable and sometimes even necessary to connect.

As with all desires, such a feeling may lead to an ever-craving search constantly met with great dissatisfaction. Without the certainty or a clear idea of what one believes would grant the feeling of belonging, it is as good as stumbling through the dark.

Among Us

I've always personally believed that it is more important to strengthen the bonds that one already has than to constantly search for additional superficial ones.

Even so, there is nothing wrong with being no more than an acquaintance to most people you meet. If that is what you feel truly gives you satisfaction and comfort, there exists no real need to change it.

Being friendly is different from belonging, so there is no responsibility to meet people's expectations of you just because you want to be nice to them.

What matters the most, at least to me, is the recognition of the good that is already available and in one's hands.

With the knowledge that one will always have those certain people in their life that are meant to be there for good, one can say that it is with them that they can truly belong.

Still, there is always the possibility of meeting new people with whom bonds will be unbreakable.

This Is Me

In spite of this feeling inside me that tells me I need to meet more people to be satisfied, I've always found myself happiest among the friends I've already had for a while, and my family that'll always be here. It is always to these people I find myself going back.

Over and over, I've made efforts to change this feeling that I stuck with the same few people too much, fully convinced that I was doing something wrong, not even knowing what it might have been.

In reality, I was only looking at it wrong, believing I needed to keep pushing myself to do things differently or be different to be “more compatible” with more people, newer people. Every time this failed, I had only been left feeling drained and empty.

I eventually realized that at the end of the day, it's your life, satisfaction, and happiness.

What ultimately defines whether or not you belong somewhere is how you feel about it and how comfortable you are in that spot, as opposed to some popular or widely accepted idea of belonging.

There will be people telling you to go out of your comfort zone if you want to be somewhere significant, but you'll often find that the right people in your life are the ones willing to meet you in that comfort zone, not the ones trying to drag you out of it by the ankle.

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