Straight Talk by Roy Moraleta
Straight Talk

Seriously Compromised

Jun 17, 2021, 12:05 AM
Roy Moraleta

Roy Moraleta


Chief PNP Police General Guillermo Eleazar has a lot of cleansing to do in his organization. While he may be elated with the apparent physical readiness and “cleanliness” of the few police stations in the region he visited without notice on June 7, at the Senate, a couple of days after that came to the findings of NBI investigations on the killing of Calbayog Mayor involving high ranking police officers, revealing what appears to be rotting and stinking condition of a lot many elements of the PNP organization.

The NBI has implicated nine police officers and several more John and Jane Does in what they found a premeditated and planned ambush of Calbayog City Mayor Ronald Aquino. The Chief PNP has a lot to do to rid his organization of rotting scalawags. But my reliable source tells me of the power play PGen Eleazar will have to outwit since he is dealing powerful enemies within he doesn’t even know.

Take the case of one commissioned officer I know. He is now under serious death threat now for just doing the right thing. The infightings within between the good cops and the bad is real. It seemed though that the entire police organization is badly compromised. It still is functioning as an organization that serves and protects, but helplessly the growing rotting elements would time and again surface to do otherwise.

While the Chief PNP said no cover-up will take place over the case involving the nine cops now facing prosecution at the Department of Justice, PRO 8 through its regional director De Jesus is yet to issue a statement as to the actual whereabouts of the implicated PNP officers as they should all by now be under the relevant authority or proper police custody. The chief PNP also have yet to act on the motoprofio administrative investigation it conducted by RIAS of which high ranking PRO 8 officials are said to be administratively liable over the Calbayog ambush. Yet to this day, PRO 8, and even RIAS unit has remained officially mummed and silent on the subject.

The entire PNP Organization is just too much to handle, PNP Chief Eleazar. The whole PNP organization could be seriously compromised more than I could probably suppose. I could be wrong.

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Straight Talk by Roy Moraleta

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