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SENATROLL RIZA, Used by Syndicates?

Apr 25, 2023, 3:37 AM
Ray L. Junia

Ray L. Junia


Headline: DepEd: Schools can call off classes due to heat. So summer vacation gets more months.


Headline: Phl, China to improve communications.

China will now seek Phl permission for a takeover of islets and sandbars in the West Phl Sea. Phl. can’t refuse nor reject.


Phl peso tumbles to P56.00 to a dollar. Now there is more incentive to traffic persons and illegal recruitment.

Good thing, we have Sen. Riza Hontiveros making noises on human trafficking.


My kapitbahay tells me Sen. Riza’s FB posts are favorites to thousands of active engagements, especially on the issue of human trafficking.

My kapitbahay said, it's interesting though that comments appear to be scripted. Testing this suspicion, he did a negative comment and he got swamped by a sea of Riza fans, arguing with him and even insulting him in many engagements.

Looks like the fans club is army of trolls budgeted by the lady senator or sponsored by syndicates who are up in arms against the Bureau of Immigration for effectively discharging Sen. Riza’s call to be strict in our borders to contain human trafficking.

So now its Senatroll Riza Hontiveros?


In the last “Sentroll” Riza’s hearing in the Senate, the Department of Foreign Affairs and the National Bureau of Investigation recognized BI’s success in bringing down incidence of human trafficking.

In the same hearing, it was revealed that the Phl has its own Cybercrime Hubs, identifying one inside Pasay City, a stone’s throw from the Senate offices.

A senator got focused on pinning down BI for these cybercrime hubs in the country, forgetting that crime in our territories are responsibilities of the PNP and NBI.

Senator Raffy Tulfo, though, was more correct, blasting the investigation process by the PNP and the NBI.

A witness from the immigration bureau was asked if the claim was true that he failed to ask basic questions in the process of allowing an Indonesian to enter the country.

The Immigration Officer belied the claim accepting a challenge to be put on a lie detector test.


A lady senior citizen takes pride in dying a virgin.

In her will, she put down what would be in her headstone:

“Born a virgin, lived a virgin, died a virgin.”

So the order was sent to the artists inscribing her headstone.

For lack of space, the artists decided to edit the text to fit available space.

They wrote:

“Returned unopened.”


My apo was helping her mom with the goods from the grocery when she noticed strands of white hair on her mom.

She asked her mom,

“Why are some of your hair white”

Playfully, my lawyer daughter-in-law tells my apo:

“Everytime you do something naughty or make me unhappy, one of my hair turns white.”

My apo after some thought, asks her mom again:

“So is that why all of Grandma’s hairs are white?”

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