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Jul 26, 2022, 3:44 AM
Ray L. Junia

Ray L. Junia


Hot item in social media over the weekend, the resignation of Executive Secretary to the President, Atty. Vic Rodriguez and the 100 Million reasons of his exit.

Of course the Office of the President denied that story. But the speed in the spread of that maritess shows how fast and effective social media can trigger so much gossip.

A friend who just retired from the Inquirer desk described the Vic Rodriguez fake news as a doze of their own medicine.


in last Sunday’s column of one of my favorite local columnists, Sir Dick Pascual, Jr., he enumerates numbers that tells of a frightening future for our country. He says, the President should fix a nation in a state of disrepair.

Marcos, Jr.’s SONA should inspire the Filipinos to circle the wagon to survive.

It's not a perfect system that Marcos, Jr. took over from Pres. Digong. First inflation is one of the highest in the region. The country is buried deep in debt. Unemployment rate, even if it is suspected as doctored, is still one of the worst in the region.

Foreign investors are not that interested in parking their funds here. Even local businessmen are bringing their funds somewhere else where it earns more.

When the economy is bad, peace and order becomes a problem.

Now is the time for those who opposed Marcos, Jr.’s bid for presidency to shift from pulling down this administration to helping it face the challenges ahead. The price of failure of Marcos, Jr. is a disaster the country cannot afford.


My other favorite column is my kababayan’s Babe’s Eye View, by Ambassador Babes Romualdez.

According to him, he is not in the habit of praising relatives. Then he enumerates why Leyte First District Congressman Martin Romualdez is an exemption.

He says the presumptive speaker of the house, his cousin, is an extremely pleasant person and and effective “consensus builder."

Sir Babes tells of stories of the young Martin going around the province helping youth groups when young Martin’s father was governor Kokoy of Leyte.

Governor Kokoy, when I was in senior high school and early college in Tacloban City, I remember made us believe he can do more for Leyte.

Martin will become the second Romualdez to become a Speaker of the House. The first was Daniel Romualdez, I recall Danieling was more popular as “dangas” for his receding hairline.

He was loved and idolized by every Tolosano. I know that for I grew in that town.


While at the Daniel Z. Romualdez Airport in Tacloban City for my flight back to Manila, last night, I spotted a not so young waray, lovingly holding hands with her foreigner husband.

I get reminded of the three stages of a woman. At 25 she is attentive. At 35, she is attractive. At 45, she is adhesive.

Good day OpinYon readers. It’s a beautiful day! Smile and be happy!

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