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Sec. Tugade’s big-ticket projects

Jun 22, 2021, 12:00 AM
Ray L. Junia

Ray L. Junia


IN the news, Rizal in “Bahag”, a show of Kidlat Tahimik, a national artist for film, starred in a Baguio City exhibition. The same had to be brought to Spain last June 16.

That Rizal in G-string, is Tahimik’s reimagining of Rizal’s discourse over an 1887 Madrid Expo that caught the attention of our national hero.

While Tahimik is not silently rekindling Rizal’s thoughts in those times of Spanish rule, a Biñanense is busy noisily rewriting the beginnings of Rizal, trying very hard to connect himself with the national hero for obvious reasons.


40 out of 119 “Build3x” projects completed by 2022.

This was the assurance of Vince Dizon, Presidential Adviser on Flagship Projects.

He said 11 of these flagship projects worth over P126-B were already completed.

The top 4 biggest of these projects, in terms of cost, are those initiated by the Department of Transportation under Secretary Art Tugade.

The biggest is the New Manila International Airport in Bulacan, a San Miguel Corp. project, costing P735-B.

Second is the Metro Manila Subway Project worth P357 billion.

Followed by the PNR long-haul railway project from Metro Manila to Bicol at P175 billion.

Next is the North-South Commuter Railway worth P149 billion, connecting malls in Bulacan with PNR-Tutuban Station.

I see now why Sec. Art is always on the road. All these projects are his creations.


A 71-year-old Filipino gets to the US Immigration.

She was asked: “Do you advocate overthrow of the government by violence or subversion?” Thinking for few seconds, she answered: “Violence, I think”

She was denied her application for visa extension, sent to the airport and returned to the Philippines.


Let me add one item to the endless Erap jokes list.

Doctora Loi in heaven before St. Peter, “Doc, you are popular in the Philippines, a former senator and wife of a President of your country. But you have to wait, not skip the line. In the meantime, please sit down in that corner”.

While waiting for her number, Doctora Loi got curious of an endless row of clocks on the wall, noticing that some clocks would jump ahead 15 minutes.

On her turn with St. Peter, Doctora Loi asked St. Peter “What are those row of clocks”?

St. Peter answered: “That’s for every married man on earth.”
Doctora Loi followed up her question, “I noticed, some clocks jump ahead by 15 minutes, why so?” St. Peter: “The clock jumps 15 minutes ahead when the husband commits adultery.”
Doctora Loi: “Is my husband’s clock on the wall?”
St. Peter: “Your husband? It’s not there. God has it in his office and using it as electric fan.”

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