Community Whispers by Ray Junia
Community Whispers

Project 929 now has over 100 members and growing!

Nov 9, 2021, 12:45 AM
Ray L. Junia

Ray L. Junia


DURING a noon mass at Padre Pio National Shrine in Sto. Tomas City, Batangas.

Priest: “Gusto niyo ba ng biyaya?”

No answer.

Priest again, this time louder: “Gusto niyo ng biyaya?”

My friend, seated next to me, married to a Samarena: “Yes! Gusto ko ng bisaya!”

Me: “Yes! I want to hit a jackpot.”

Friend: “I come here twice a month. All my prayers were granted. Your wish will be granted.”

Then I won jackpot in the casino that day. This is a true story.


Picked up from FB post of a good friend, more like family to me.

Wife: “Love, look at this picture, we look getting old na. Nakakatakot.”

Husband, nag pa cute: “Theart, mas nakakatakot if we’d still look like Grade 5 in that picture.”

Wife: “Tama ka na nga. Ang gulo mong kausap.”

Husband regretted having said that. Wife did not make dinner.


Manny Pacquiao training to be a policeman, stops a woman and asks for her license.

Manny: “It says here, you should be wearing glasses.”

Woman: “I have contacts.”

Manny: “Talaga lang ha! But I don’t care who you know. Huli ka and you’ll get the ticket”.


Jinky P was in a car accident. She opened the door of her BMW when suddenly a speeding car came along ripping the door off.

When the police arrived, Jinky complained: “Look what they’ve done to my Beeeemer!”

Cop: “You yuppies are so materialistic that you’re so worried of your BMW that you didn’t even notice that your left arm was ripped off.”

Jinky: “Jesus, Maria, Husep, my Rolex!”


The race to Malacañang is getting interesting every passing day.

BBM tops almost all surveys, making rich and happy tens of thousands of keyboard warriors.

Downstream, suppliers of cell phones and internet services are in cloud nine with sales hitting the ceiling.

You’ve seen that picture posted on FB of rows of cell phones like a production line in manufacturing?

So, now machines are voting in surveys not people.

But Bongbong Marcos camp shouts, “BBM in these fake surveys is Babaeng Beauty at Matalino.


Going on initials, answer to who is AP quiz, a good friend in media messaged me.

“You’re missing something about AP, Ray.

Additional clue, he prefers to be called Prof. AP.” Came the update from this friend.

He did not claim the price, though.

“Professor saan?” I asked my good friend.

“No. Let me explain. He pretends to be a professor. But I think the prof means professional con-man,” my friend added.

“Oy tama na yan. Baka mapikon na si AP.” I pleaded to my friend and got a big laugh in response.


On Dec. 8, OpinYon’s Project 929, a free library in Tolosa, Leyte, celebrates its second anniversary.

Two years ago, in a visit to my hometown of Tolosa, I had a chance meeting with some students.

Me: “Be serious in your studies. You’re opening your own door to better life.

Carlos, Grade 11 student: “Yes, Mano Ray. But we have some difficulties. We have very limited access to internet and if mayron, very expensive and not good for learning. Our access to internet are play areas that we pay per hour for research and studies.

Me, after listening to the litany of heartbreaking stories: “Let’s start to find a solution to your problem. OpinYon will set up a free library, furnished with desk tops dedicated to online studies and research and with good internet connection.

Two years later, the library has over 100 members.

It has expanded to create a community radio, OpinYon Radyo, to even improve education reach out.

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Community Whispers by Ray Junia

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