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Playing with idioms

Mar 25, 2023, 12:15 AM
Tito Ray J

Tito Ray J


Teacher: Class, today we talk about that popular saying: “the pot calling the kettle black.” What does this mean? Where did this saying start?

Anna, the class topnotcher:

“Maam, its an idiom that is used to describe one who critics another when he is himself guilty of the criticism. That saying started in Spain but got popular in the English language.”

Antonio, from the back.:

“Maam, I believe that saying is also very popular in the Senate of the Philippines. Last week, two senators accused officials of the Bureau of Immigration of corruption. These two senators are …. the pots.”

Too bad, less than one percent of the kettle is suspect black. Unfair to the kettle.



“Don’t say that Antonio. You sound like you’re qualified to be a senator of the land. Lets move to mathematics, What is the law of the doughnut?”

Antonio, again raises his hand:

“Maam, I’m a doughnut addict, I know, the answer is, two halves make a hole.”


Antonio, I am confident you’re qualified to be a senator.”


Why did the music teacher need a ladder?

To reach the high notes


What kind of key opens a banana?

Answer: a monkey. And there are plenty of them up in the government hierarchy.


Three boys were playing football in the street. Dad saw, they were kicking a new football and shouted:

“Where’d you get that football?”
“We found it,” said one.
“Are you sure it was lost?” dad shouted back.
“Yes,” replied another boy. “We saw people looking for it.”


Why do blondes like lightnings?

They love to have their picture taken.


Secret. This is fail proof, my wife always smiles.

When I bought her a gift in her last birthday, I choose the small/petite size clothes of her favorite color.

She opens the gift. I tell her, that’s for remembering you, 45 years ago.

But I kept the receipt.

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