‘Peking’ As A Matter Of Habit

‘Peking’ As A Matter Of Habit

Jun 25, 2024, 7:09 AM
Ray L. Junia

Ray L. Junia


A carmaker in Italy was fined millions of dollars for hiding the origin of cars he is selling.

The carmaker labeled cars it is selling as made in Italy when the cars actually came from China.

We have parallel situation in our country. Some people in government, business and even in media profess love for the Philippines while supporting China’s stealing of West Philippine Sea.

Will they be fined? Not likely, they have yet to be found!


Mayor Alice Guo is finally charged in court for human trafficking and other crimes rampant in the POGO business, but not yet for faking her Philippine citizenship.

China products in the Philippines fake signature brands. So, don’t be surprised of Chinese faking Philippine citizenship. It’s a matter of habit.


Now I know why a major Chinese city is named “Peking.”

Even their important places’ name take root from the work “fake”, Pinoy pronounced.


President Ferdinand Marcos, Jr. issued an executive order that cuts down duty rates on agriculture or food products.

The farmers are complaining. The move encourages importation while killing farm production.

But Malacanang is hell-bent on bringing down cost of food in the country.

Incentives are up for importers and traders while cost of production in our farms continue to rise.

Make it easy to traders and difficult to farmers. This is an irony in the highest order.


Talking of irony, I remember of that story of a political family in the Visayas. Its patriarch boards the plane and was seen a boy who is always asking questions.

Boy to parent: “Is he not our congressman and they say he is very, very rich. How did he do it, getting very rich?”

Parent: “Their family is in the iron and steel business. His mother irons and his father steals.”


I was told that when a wife is a good cook, she can also be cruel.

“She is used to battering fish and beating eggs.”


There was labor unrest at the Philippine National Railways. Train drivers were restless and anxious.

They said their jobs are always on the line.


While in tour in Egypt, I noticed a creek running to the Nile. I asked, “What’s the name of that creek?”

“Its called juvenile.”


An aging teacher went to her doctor to have her eyes checked. She thought she was getting cross-eyed.

“It’s because she is unable to control her pupils.”


A small child asks his parents, “Why is that book in the corner for a long time already?”

Mom: “It’s a math book and it has many problems, taking time to solve.”

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