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PDOHO main source of FAKE NEWS!

Aug 19, 2021, 12:14 AM
Ismael Amigo

Ismael Amigo


IT’S unbelievable but everyone in the province is hoping the data on the province’s Covid -19 report last Thursday, 12 August 2021 was an absolute reality.

And why can’t they not wish for it to be solid truth when it offers a big sigh of relief.

And why not. It was the first time this year that Covid cases were exceptionally low to be only 20 positive cases for the whole of Batangas province.

It was simply hard to believe the whole province of 1.7 registered voters but with only 20 new positive Covid-19 cases.

Take note that it came at a time when infections are on the rise in almost all areas of the archipelago, apparently spiked by the highly-contagious and more virulent Delta variant.

And so we checked on the social media pages of two cities -- Lipa and Tanauan -- whose Covid-19 cases seldom dip into single-digit numbers in a single day.

Yes, you got it right. The provincial DOH office (PDOHO) did it again.

We are not only sure why or what was the cause that prompted the PDOHO to report but three LGUs (Lipa City, Sto. Tomas City, and Calaca) that had Covid-19 cases last Friday, 12 Aug 2021.

The three (3) LGUs yes, indeed, only accounted for 20 new Covid cases.

To wit: Lipa City, 5; Sto. Tomas City, 7; and Calaca, 8. For a total of 20.

It's good to read, see, or hear if that was really the case.

But it's not.

We checked on Lipa’s FB account and it showed that the city of 72 barangays had 31 total cases on Aug 12 while Tanauan had 35. Their numbers alone already accounted for 66 Covid cases.

We’re not able to find the FB page of Batangas City but we’re sure the city has had cases also in double-digits on Aug 12 -- based on its previous accounting, which PDOHO failed to show.

What we’re saying is, it would be good for everyone to see, read and hear factual data because we’re all in the middle of a major, major health crisis that crippled the economy and caused millions of people to lose jobs and business opportunities.

These are no joking or pranking moments.

We all need factual notes, reports, and all that. We don’t need false hopes.

Official Covid-19 monitoring sites or divisions in the province like the PDOHO couldn’t be the MAIN source of FAKE NEWS!

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iTalk by Ismael Amigo

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