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Pagasa is Not Worst Liar

May 4, 2021, 12:16 AM
Ray L. Junia

Ray L. Junia


In the news, government loans from foreign lenders to fight the Covid-19 virus is now at P887B.

On foreign loans alone, each Filipino shall be paying P13,500.00, if we are to pay now.

Put it the other way, every Filipino should have already received P13,500 worth of services in the fight against the virus.

But after so much loans, on top of billions set aside from our national budget, vaccination has reached only .22 percent of the population.

But our vax superstar, Gen. (problem) Galvez promises to achieve herd immunity by the end of the year or about 70 million of the population already getting their jabs.

I thought Pagasa is the worst liar in town.


The government says, we have enough money to fight the virus. These moneys were wisely spent to stop the spread of the virus, financial support to the people, and purchase of vaccines.

Sen. Ping Lacson says, “I am not asking where that billions went? I am asking, where are the vaccines?”

Good question from my favorite senator.

Reports from the Laguna say the province has stopped vaccination for there is nothing to inject. The province has run out of vax.


If the vaccines have not reached us, meaning no deliveries, those hundreds of billions are in the banks.

Sad part here is the country is paying interest already on these loans, from the time the amount gets committed for our use.

Are our hundreds of billions in banks earning interest?

Talking of banks, I get reminded of a banker who explained that joint current accounts are never overdrawn by the wife. It is just under deposited by the husband.

Lucky is the guy in whose name billions are deposited, he will never have the problem of this under depositing husband.


I had always been afraid of banks. They are like friends who will give an umbrella when the sun is in full shine. Then gets it back when rain starts to pour.


What's the similarity between banks and sex? What do you think? Answer in next issue.

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