Our Fishing Ground vs China Naval Base

Aug 27, 2023, 3:38 AM
Sonny Domingo

Sonny Domingo


'The government has failed the fisherfolks and will now proceed to their 'ultimate act' of sacrificing their lives for the survival of their families and communities since they have nowhere else to go ... It will be a "DO OR DIE" scenario for them with or without government support.'

PBBM: What's this I hear that thousands of poor fisherfolks are now getting hungry and selling their womenfolks (wives and young children) for P300 for "sexchange" just to have money to buy rice?

KA SONNY: That, Sir, is happening in the towns facing the Chinese controlled fishing grounds in the West Philippine Sea (WPS).

In addition to that, these fisherfolks are also planning to counterattack "come what may" while you are working on a diplomatic and military strategy to a sovereign issue but has conveniently forgotten their livelihood of fishing from the "carboro" (as known to the fisherfolks in the area since their forefathers) which is their only source of income.

PBBM: Oh! They do not have to do that. We are now addressing the issue. By the way. What happened to KA MON?

KA SONNY: Sir, KA MON told me that Politics is not his "cup of tea". So he left for the North and see what he can do for the livelihood of our fisherfolks while we are into geopolitics in the WPS. He told me that if he will fail in getting them organized to be able to have their own fishing vessels with government and military support similar to that of what China is doing for their fisherfolks he will join them go for the ultimate solution to save their livelihood which means that the government has failed them and will now proceed to their "ultimate act" of sacrificing their lives for the survival of their families and communities since they have nowhere else to go.

PBBM: And what is this if I may ask? It could be suicidal.

KA SONNY: Simple, Sir. They will act and die for it if necessary. It will be a "DO OR DIE" scenario for them with or without government support.

PBBM: Oh! They do not have to do that. Have they forgotten what I promised in my campaign that "their dream is also my dream".

KA SONNY: Yes, Sir. Their dream is to have their own ice plant and cold storage but most of all fishing vessels similar to the Chinese fishermen (militia) as a cluster if necessary. But what is appearing in the newspapers now are your reactions and no action to alleviate their present condition. (By the way, unlike the farmers they are not asking for "ayuda" but the wherewithal to fish in the deep sea like the Chinese fishermen).

PBBM: And how can they possibly do that?

KA SONNY: Well, Sir, in the olden times a General can win a war by a show of force in the field with their men and muskets. The General that can show more men to fight and willing to die, wins without firing a single shot.

PBBM: But not in this modern times of warships and missiles.

KA SONNY: Sir, you have forgotten the story of David and Goliath or the other Bible heroes facing formidable foes that depended on God as HE said, "if you are me who can be against you?

PBBM: But those were Biblical times, Ka Sonny.

KA SONNY: Yes, Mr. PRESIDENT. But just imagine several mile long small boats from all the fishing villages in the Eastern seaboard of Luzon approaching four or even a dozen coast guards at night with flickering lights from their machine guns and ready to board like the Somalian pirates. Do you think they have a chance if they stay or I can bet my "third ball" they will run away and go back to China.

PBBM: And so after this what will they do next?

KA SONNY: Sir, As I have always told you "read my lips" as there is not enough space here to tell you their next move which is all planned as Ka Mon told me and can not also be disclosed for their safety.

Of course, now that I told you an option they could be doing a more drastic move with their lives and future as their only resource and final goal. 

God Help Them. 

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Politics of the DA bureaucracy

Politics of the DA bureaucracy

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