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Of driving ethics 2

Jul 15, 2021, 12:30 AM
Ismael Amigo

Ismael Amigo


Actually, the Land Transportation Office (LTO) has a manual or handbook for drivers but the kind of driver courtesy discussed earlier was nowhere to be found in all of its 218 pages.

Road rage

Driving ethics photo from Zigwheels

Driving Ethics photo from Zigwheels

Thankfully, it gave attention to avoidance and meaning of road rage that we intend to discuss next.

The LTO defines it as “an assault provoked by an incident that occurred on a roadway where there is an aggressive driver and a victim.”

To avoid this, the LTO suggests for drivers “not to do the following acts”:

1. Cutting off other drivers

2 Rude pointing with your middle finger

3. Tailgating

4. Annoying blowing of horn

It also offered seven (7) tips to avoid it.


1. It takes two persons to react on road rage.

2. Do not be an aggressive nor a rage victim

3. Keep cool, even (when) other drivers do something that makes another driver angry on purpose or even through acts of physical violence

4. Take a deep breath

5. Keep distance

6. Avoid retaliation

7. Put away your pride

Once inside this kind of situation it would be best if one would think of consequences from his/her actions that might follow which can end up to emotional setback, losing your car, your driver license, and having to pay exorbitant damages, loss of career and worst, ending up in jail or in the cemetery.

Defensive driving

Defensive driving is another thing. The land transportation office says that it pertains to preventing crashes before they occur. It is the demonstration of an attitude, awareness and driving skills.

Take note again that the stress is on the “attitude.”

Here are some tips for defensive driving:

1 Follow the speed limit depending on the weather and traffic conditions.

2 Look ahead to have an advance planning in instances of accidents, emergencies and the likes.

3 Follow the law on Anti-Distracted Driving.

4 Follow the rules on changing lanes, intersections, stopping, parking even without the presence of traffic signals or traffic enforcers.

5 Follow the rules on safe distance driving, depending on the length and weight of the vehicle.

6 Respect the decision of other road users.

7 Give the right-of-way to pedestrians such as PWDs, senior

citizens, school children, pregnant women, street hawkers, road workers and the likes.

8 Give the right-of-way to priority vehicles even without traffic signs or signals such as emergency vehicles, ascending vehicles, school service, vehicles with lesser steering radius, vehicles that are already turning left, vehicles on yellow box and the likes.

Road ethics do matter. And with, always remember to drive along with you these three words: love, kindness and patience.

Bring them with you behind the wheel.

Don’t leave them at home or anywhere so that others, and you, may live.


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