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Noble cause for less fortunate

Jul 1, 2021, 12:00 AM
Ismael Amigo

Ismael Amigo


MANILA Mayor Isko Moreno has this through his ‘Tondominium’ housing projects for the poor in Tondo, Manila.

Aside from this he also opened another called Basecommunity, another housing project for less fortunate residents in Port Area Manila, otherwise known as Baseco Compound.

We have nothing against this but praises especially that ultimately our less fortunate brothers and sisters and their respective families should and will benefit from this noble cause coming from the initiative of a public official.

Closer to home, Lipa City Mayor Eric Africa may have been bitten by the noble cause bug as he also recently launched his so-called “Adopt a Home Program” (AHP) here.

Owing perhaps to good availability of land, Africa and his bright boys developed this in a wide parcel of land and called it Lipeño Heights Subdivision.

This is located in Barangay Bulacnin, Lipa City.

His official social media creators claimed that “this is his way of showing his commitment to provide opportunities to Lipeños from the disadvantaged sector to own a safe and sound settlement area.”

It’s been done through a cohesive public-private partnership.

Africa says that he expects that through this synergy, more individuals and organizations will take part thus, more Lipeño beneficiaries will have their own homes.

But wait. There’s more!

Priority beneficiaries of this project are those who are living at high risk areas like river banks, and PNR railways.

And the good mayor is not taking the credits all to himself rather, he thanked Lipa’s taxpayers who, in spite of economic problem brought about by the pandemic, they are still able to pay their taxes on time.

So much so that, the city government has exceeded its target collection last year, and so here’s this AHP.

Aside from taxpayers, kudos was also in line for benefactors from private companies in Lipa who will partly foot water bills, electricity and partly subsidize monthly amortization payments.

The groundbreaking ceremony was well attended by stakeholders from the private and business sectors who are potential benefactors for the “Adopt a Home” Program.

Guidelines and standards will be set among beneficiaries for qualification purposes.

Benefactors have the leeway to choose their own beneficiaries.

There is more.

The Lipeño Heights Subdivision in Bulacnin is only the first site of five (5) targeted areas.

More than pogi points, this corner largely hopes other LCEOs (local chief executive officers) toe the line and have a second look at the plight of our less fortunate brothers and sisters.

After all, executing a noble cause is part and parcel of their mandated social contract to society especially the poorer sector.

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