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Do Not Read This

'#Nasaan ang Pangulo' no longer cool

Aug 1, 2022, 3:39 AM
Diego S. Cagahastian

Diego S. Cagahastian


DURING the past Duterte administration, the Pink cabal and the elitist Yellow and the retrogressive Left had a heyday in annoying President Digong with their Twitter and Facebook taunts called "#Nasaan ang Pangulo?"

They made a mountain of the molehill that was Duterte's absence at the site of natural disasters like typhoons, floods, volcanic eruptions, fires, etc. In the final analysis, this nitpicking did not fly, as Rodrigo Duterte enjoyed the highest popularity and approval ratings among Filipinos, compared to other Presidents.

Now, the same "usual suspects" are trying to rehash #Nasaan ang Pangulo in connection with President Bongbong Marcos' handling of the devastating Magnitude 7 earthquake in Abra.

Marcos, the practical leader that he is, explained that on the first day of any national disaster, he does not want to interfere with the emergency response of local officials since they are capable and busy with their task.

The President was able represented by his DSWD secretary, Erwin Tulfo; DILG secretary, Benhur Abalos, and other officials who are his alter ego. If Tulfo, Abalos, the police and the army are there, handling the emergency with local officials, the President can take his time, so long as he appears on the second or third day.

Worthy of mention is the timely action of Secretary Tulfo, helping with pre-positions food packs, tents, personal hygiene goods, and cash for the victims.

The newly- designated General Manager of the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO) -- GM Mel A. Robles -- was also early at the earthquake's ground zero.

Aside from the usual boxes of canned goods, drinking water, medicines and other relief items, GM Robles delivered a PCSO ambulance to the municipality of Danglas, Abra which suffered much from the temblor.

The PCSO ambulance was received by Danglas, Abra to incumbent Mayor Esther Bernos, Mayor Joseph "JB" Bernos, Congresswoman Ching Bernos, and the municipal health workers of the town. They were just too happy to receive the assistance from the premiere charity institution of the government. The local officials of Abra vowed to maximize the use of the ambulance by assisting as many poor patients and residents in their medical needs.

Meanwhile, GM Robles assured Mayors Esther and JB Bernos of the towns of Danglas and La Paz that the PCSO is committed to implement the SONA directives of President Marcos to make the process of giving assistance to LGUs simpler and faster.

We note that the decision and immediate delivery of the ambulance in Abra was made within 24 hours of President BBM's visit to the quake-ravaged province of Abra.

With alter egos like Secretary Tulfo and PCSO General Manager Robles, the President may well be assured that disaster and relief operations are timely.

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