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Nakaka-imbiernang imburnal ng Sto Tomas!

Sep 2, 2021, 12:36 AM
Ismael Amigo

Ismael Amigo


IT’S a clear and present danger to borrow a title from a bestseller novel of Tom Clancy.

But this refers not to international geopolitics, rather, this is much closer to home here in Barangay San Antonio, Sto. Tomas City, Batangas.

Hitting it home, this is the open manhole of Sto Tomas City’s mega-canal at the right corner side of Putol street corner Maharlika Highway, right across Rose & Grace resto where there is a stoplight and pedestrian lane.

It’s a clear and present danger especially that the area is always swarming with pedestrians crossing to and from work whenever the signal light above and at eye level flashes green.

Yes, there are two concrete barriers protecting it and a yellow cordon tied between the barriers but that's all. Taking a close look at it a few days ago, it’s a disaster waiting to happen for anyone, to any pedestrian.

I even grew goosebumps looking down into the 6-foot abyss of a canal/imburnal.

This is supposedly a direct responsibility of the city’s DPOS (Department of Public Order and Safety).

But cannot people from DPOS return the lid back in its place when there seems nothing more to be done for its maintenance is a big puzzle?

On Thursday it rained cats and dogs flooding a good stretch of Maharlika Highway and rainwater rushed down through the opening and into the canal or imburnal and just one single misstep by any pedestrian and SWAK!

I think no one will even notice it.

We are writing this on behalf of pedestrians, workers, and residents of Bgy. San Antonio as an immediate appeal to authorities concerned on public safety in the city and foremost to Mayor Edna Sanchez.

Aksyunan n’yo na po agad mayora bago pa dumating ang isang sakuna at mapunta pa ang sisi sa inyo.

‘Di ko lubos maintindihan bakit hindi ibinabalik ang cover nito na sa tingin ko naman wala na dapat na ayusin pa sa manhole na ito. Disgrasya na lamang ang nag-aantay na mangyari dito.

As it seems the rainy days are upon us, methinks it is a must for the DPOS to finish whatever job is lying out there and cover it pronto.

It really is, a very clear and present danger.


On a bright note, Sto. Tomas City’s brand new lighted center island is taking a lot of plaudits from motorists and netizens from nearby Tanauan City alike.

They used this as a point of comparison to Tanauan City’s now-infamous center island.

Nice one. Indeed.

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