Straight Talk by Roy Moraleta
Straight Talk

My dream of Philippine politics

Sep 2, 2021, 12:37 AM
Roy Moraleta

Roy Moraleta


A SENSE of true uprightness is affecting, and it radiates. Imagine how permeating can people exude a sense of exact decency in a community, or a larger sense, in a society. Permeated and lit up, they would serve a floodlight amidst a culture engulfed in profound darkness. Its absence would mean total hopelessness.

And in politics, the fading sense of uprightness among politicians and electorates alike, by definition of morality, only means one thing: degeneration of humanity. And, it means a status quo of its kind of politics. Or worse, a further deterioration from its already rundown and derelict condition.

The best that the world can offer is nothing but a flickering, almost fading, sense of decency. Humankind’s persistent unwillingness to absorb true Light, because of its abandoned departure from it makes the prospect’s progress and development even bleaker. Its failing sense of honor will only accomplish so much, even less.

Hence, to raise so much the bar of public service and standard of politics will be but a disappointment. And to even hark of such a measure to and among the class of our current politicos and leaders would be pompous hypocrisy. I dare say that of their kind and standing, no one measures up. No one, if decency and sense of uprightness, shall be the basis for which we choose our leaders.

If the bearers of Light would but shine unaffected, even if they may not be the ones to hold positions of leadership, their mere presence can be significantly affecting. Their Light that permeates and radiates may eventually transform the rather bleak and derelict landscape of Philippine politics into one that is truly mature, decent, and worth it.

This, of course, is just my dream of Philippine politics.

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Straight Talk by Roy Moraleta

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