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Museums In Quezon

Feb 16, 2023, 1:07 AM
Gem Suguitan

Gem Suguitan


As we celebrate the arts this February, it is also fitting to visit museums near our place so that we get to know our local identities better.

There is actually a network of museums in the Cavite-Laguna-Batangas-Rizal (CALABARZON) Region called Southern Luzon Association of Museums (SLAM). For Quezon, the first four museums below are member institutions:

AERA Museum is a world-class museum inside Villa Escudero Plantations and Resort in Tiaong. Owned by the Escudero Family, it was here where SLAM was created on August 30, 2001 by museum and cultural workers and tourism officers in Southern Luzon headed by its founder, the late Conrado Escudero. The representatives of the National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA), the National Historical Commission of the Philippines (NHCP) and the National Museum of the Philippines (NMP) witnessed its organization. Later on, a seat was given to one representative of SLAM to be part of the National Committee on Museums (NCOM).

Arella-Suguitan Museum (ASM) is a private museum owned by retired educators Guillermo Suguitan and Marietta Arella of Lopez. It was put up 20 years ago in their 1976 house. Entrance is free. It serves as venue for meetings of the Lopez Heritage Conservation and Historical Society and for a few times, of The Lopenze Artists. The museum focuses on local culture, arts, and history. It has been helping researchers and training culture and arts students on museum work. However, the museum is closed for the time being as it needs major repair. What it does while closed is cater museum education, answer queries and give way to interviews, and assist researchers online. ASM has a mobile museum program called "Museum on the Move". It doesn’t stop serving the public.

Gintong Yaman ng Quezon (GYQ) has Manuel Luis Quezon Memorabilia. It is located at the second floor of the Provincial Library building at the Provincial Capitol Compound in Lucena.

Museo ng Gumaca is relatively new, it is located in the municipality’s heritage district.

Museo ng Mauban was an old member of SLAM. It will soon be an active member again once the transfer to a new site is done.

There used to be a Sariaya Museum. It was also one of the active and old members of the organization. It had to close because the old house was already needed by its owner.

Another old member that has not continued attending the meetings SLAM is Casa Comunidad in Tayabas.

Museo ng Lucban at the Pahiyas town of Quezon Province has yet to signify its intent of joining the network of museums in the region.

There might be museums within your area that have not heard of this organization. While it is not mandatory to join SLAM, it is beneficial at all costs. You can have access to free trainings and seminars and mingling with other museum workers will enrich your knowledge and experience in the field.

There are grants being offered by the NCCA and it will help if you are endorsed by this organization which serves as the recommending body for those applying for technical assistance and grants programs.

For the general public, museum visit is always fun and educational. Try visiting the ones near your place and experience what it feels like to be a regular museum goer. It will definitely add something to your Filipino-ness.

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