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Mob rule at the airport

Mar 28, 2023, 12:18 AM
Ray L. Junia

Ray L. Junia


In the news, Malacañang says SRA chief’s resign not due to sugar smuggling.

But he resigned in the middle of a sugar importation that will surely kill an important part of the country’s agriculture economy.

SRA administrator DJT Alba resigned even before the SRA could clearly explain what Sen. Riza Hontiveros described as government sponsored smuggling.

Malacañang insists, it was health reason that prompted Alba to resign after serving for 7 months the SRA as its top honcho.


The agriculture sector is shaken by this turn of events. Some say there is pattern in this madness of changing horses in the middle of the race.

From the investors point of view, this changing of guards does not build confidence on businessmen who are expecting consistency in policies and predictability in directions.


Even when the agriculture sector is expected to die from wrong government policies, our senators are focused on complaints over the Bureau of Immigration’s strict enforcement of screening guidelines for Filipino passengers wanting to leave the country.

One such case is the Filipino passenger who missed her flight to Israel. This was due to “inappropriate” handling by an Immigration Officer of processing her exit from the airport. Then she went to social media to air her disgust.

This rant by one now popular as TikTok girl has emboldened others to stand up in social media to tell their story at the airport.

I heard, passengers are sometimes violent, kicking the immigration counters, when asked to answer routine questions.

“It’s a mob rule now at the airport, passengers emboldened by the senators’ support to anti-BI sentiments,” same friend said.


The debate continues in social media on the merits of BI’s getting more strict in the screening of Filipinos wanting to leave the country.

Strict screening has the support of the legal OFWs who aired their advice to those seeking work abroad to go through the legal processes. They say, their problems become the problems of Filipino communities and consequently the Philippine government.

The government has billions of pesos for repatriation. These billions have become an incentive and encourage victims of illegal recruitment.


The immigration bureau scaled up their guards against human trafficking after the Senate asked them to make sure that no Filipino gets abused and suffer in other countries.

BI tightened the screw, making it difficult for Filipinos to leave, now the human trafficking syndicates wages a media war against BI and gets the support of the Senate.

Ano ba talaga senators? Kill the human trafficking syndicates or support these illegal recruiters?

Now, the Senate is consistently unpredictable and predictably inconsistent.


China has access to TikTok user data base, the big boss of TikTok admits in a congress hearing in the US.

But China is not spying.


BBM says former AFP chief of staff, Gregorio Catapang, is now the permanent chief of the Bureau of Corrections.

BBM coud not be wrong in appointing Catapang. His name alone speaks for himself. not even the crazies in those jails would think of crossing Catapang. Ka tapang talaga, as the Batanguenos’ would say.


Big, open-pit mining wins over the strong opposition by environmentalists.

Don’t be sad over this. The brighter side we could end up owning the world record on the biggest man-made lake.

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